The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

So I’ve been following this thread lately

And it got me wondering how foolproof the apexes are and will be. Can you brick one and if so how probable is it?
Also is it inherent to the tags or are they going to become more and more reliable as the software side gets ironed out?

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There are ways to brick it… simply try to authentucate the ISD just a few times with the wrong password… poof… there are other attack vectors as well which are all built around triggering tamper protection to burn things vs possibly allowing data to leak… just in case… which is annoying.

As far as accidental bricking, after the P40 and P60 debacles, we’ve done a bunch of poking and prodding it… switching power off mid-write… etc… so far, stable


So if you use the dedicated apps properly there’s virtually no risk for the newbie user? That’s cool :mechanical_arm:

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Pretty much. There are risks at every level of course, from breaking the hardware through ISD attack and simply walking up with a Fidesmo app and removing an applet from the chip along with all it’s keys… We are talking to Fidesmo now about trying to work around and mitigate this particular issue… But the point is, if used as intended, you’re pretty safe.



Same as the consistent and incorrect use of the word “Literally”

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I didn’t wnat to put this in the show-off-using-your-implant thread since it’s not a video and I don’t see how I could possibly get it on video. But I still wanted to share, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before here:

Before I moved I used to do quite a bit of long exposure and light painting. I also did a lot of urban exploration and my thing was anything underground so of course I combined the two.
If you’re unfamiliar with photography terms what I did involved leaving the camera perfectly still for a few minutes to gather as much light as possible in complete or partial darkness. Sometimes I would work with a friend and the procedure went as follows:
Set up the camera, my friend gets in place, we turn all the lights off, I start the shot, he does whatever light painting. But then he had to come back to me and the camera in complete darkness. Usually we would just talk and use sound as a guide.
But as you might expect in some urbex locations you might not want to be noticed. In fact you would try and be completely silent. This is where my glowy doNext came in. I used to use it as a beacon to guide the other person. It is just bright enough to be seen but doesn’t shine on the environment which would ruin the photo. Also it’s always there, no need to switch it on or off and that makes the whole choreography much simpler.

I have used it a couple other times in contexts where the voice is not practical. For example if the person must give me something so I can relay them. With the implant they directly see my hand.

That’s it, just a little anecdote


Which glowy do you have and where is it located?

No you haven’t shared that here before. but im sure im not the only one who would like to see some of your art


Here is his thread


Took a stack of images and edited them together for my jumping spider in macro, this is Spinelli feeding on a fly, and a closeup from the same of wing detail on the fly. She’s a p. audax for anyone curious.

For a first go it came out way better than I was expecting


Here’s a series taken in storm drains



These are fascinating. Would you mind sharing some more?


On the very end I started experimenting with lasers. I made a custom spinning lazer and mounted it to a Wiral. The results were cool but I never got to experiment more that that:

This is how it looked IRL:

And this is the kind of things you could do with it:
You could also move it so slow that it paints everything uniformly with very unnatural radial shadows. It’s like a light printer.

Here are a couple more but feel free to dig in my Instagram ^ for more. There are shots from the Paris catacombs, the amazon and all kinds of wild places on there.

More pixels


I’m lazy so it takes me a couple of days to process and post new images, here’s a few from a short while ago. I use a camera that shoots at 45MP so the level of detail when you zoom is kind of unreal.



for a while now I’ve wanted a ruler tattoo on the forearm, similar to the one Adam Savage has but simpler and more modern. Then I realized I have quite visible implants and know their sizes.
My doNext is 42mm in diameter so with the added skin it’s quite close to 5cm. My xG3s are 15mm which again with the added skin is close to 2cm.
Both 2 and 5 cm are very convenient subdivisions when vaguely guessing the length of something. They’re not precise but they are more than enough for most cases. And now I use them regularly.
Have you used yours to quickly measure stuff?


Ha, Ive never even thought about it.

I do use my hand

Once you know:-
Width of hand, with/without thumb
Splayed Thumb to pinky
Thumb to pointer
A finger
A thumb

It’s a pretty “handy” tool :dad_joke: