The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Hehe… sorry :innocent:
Yeah, it is painful - some areas more, some less, but nothing unbearable.
The design was created by my artist, we talked a lot about all that cyber-stuff, he knows me very well, and I told him vaguely what style I like - he totally nailed it, it was exactly what I had in my brain, unable to draw it myself. It’s just kinda “me”. Love it :heart_eyes:

Ok, totally cool! Also OUCH!

Funny enough - by far the worst were the little dots at the ends of the lines, the barely visible ones. Made with a dermal punch all the way through the skin. That was ouch, yeah… Rest of it was okay :wink:

That is pretty impressive!

I bet those circles were super difficult to do also.

How long was you session?

You are absolutely correct, Although, I wonder if it would be better as its own post in the lounge category, so it doesn’t get lost in the thread. Somewhere you can easily update.

In my opinion
It definitely deserves to be documented somewhere.

We have had a few unrelated threads like Covid play lists, :musical_note: Body weight in cheese :cheese: etc. Still interesting to the community.
Just let me know if you want me to split it and what title you would like

Can’t find anything in search for body weight cheese. If such a thread exists, I really want to read it.

Ask and Ye shall recieve


Took about 3 hours in total - much work for my artist, I mean, I was just lying around :smile:

The circles weren’t that difficult - he used a 3mm dermal punch for them, just without removing the skin inside the circle. Clever guy he is :wink:

I didn’t think there would be much interest in this, but if you think a separate thread would be a good idea, feel free to split it and I promise to update from time to time - maybe call it “scarification healing process” or something like that?

Quite literally, in places :slight_smile:

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Let’s leave it here for now and see how it goes then…
Regardless, I think It looks awesome!

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Please put updates on the healing regardless of where this lives. I really want to see the process

Also, looks great but painful


That is gorgeous :slight_smile: must have been quite uncomfortable to get done tho

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Just thought I would throw this in here, because it didn’t seem worthy of its own post. If you’re looking for a way to mount a KBR-1 or an ACR122U to your desk, I tried a few solutions and found that 3M dual-lock works extremely well for this. If you haven’t used it, it’s similar to velcro, but both sides are identical, and it’s a much firmer and stronger connection. There’s a click, then it’s solidly attached. I’ve used it for putting my KBR-1 on the right side of my desk, in the footwell. Makes it super easy to swipe with my right hand when sitting down. I first used blue tac, but I found that I bumped it too much for any non-permanent adhesive to work (can’t screw up dorm furniture, so permanent options aren’t viable). With the dual-lock it pops off a tiny bit if I hit it, but then I can just pop it back on. It’s nice if I want to take it somewhere to demo via my laptop, since there’s no goop or anything left on the bottom of the reader, and I can easily throw it back on later. I know Velcro also has an identical product, and the Command Strip brand has them sold as “Picture Hanging Strips” I believe. It should work just as well for any other kind of desktop reader.

Two caveats with the 3M Dual Lock:

1/ The double sided tape backing is so strong if you try to remove a piece of that thing off a surface after some time, it’ll damage the surface. Seriously, it’s removed paint off my bike’s shell!

2/ Don’t use too much of it to secure an ACR122U, because the clicky velcro side of it is quite strong too, and you’ll have a fair chance to break the reader if it’s too well attached. The ACR122U is very light, so only 4 very small patches of the stuff are plenty strong enough.

This is indeed one area where the Command Strip version is better. It’s got the command strip backing rather than the normal insane adhesive the roll version uses. So it has the little peel strip at the bottom, just pull that and the entire strip just pops right off.

Ah ok, I only have the roll version.

And also, it comes in a white version that’s even crazier than the black one. We use it to affix stuff on military hardware that goes in mud and water and shit. The white Dual Lock is just stupidly strong, and super expensive too.

I’ve used the white version in FIRST robotics in HS, it’s truly ridiculous. The price wasn’t an issue as we had a few sponsors, and I believe we got discounts from 3M. We would use it to affix entire parts to the bots, never had them come undone once. It’s pretty crazy to be able to just slap a router onto a piece of plexiglass in seconds, and know that you might need a screwdriver to pop it off later.

I love that stuff, trick I’ve found to get things off is to

  1. make sure all the pieces are lined up in the same orientation

  2. Pivot/roll in that orientation, trying to pull straight out will just destroy EVERYTHING (besides to dual lock ofc)

Today’s look after cleansing - feels great, isn’t even painful if I touch it carefully, the only annoying thing is the plastic wrap I have to keep wearing for the first week :wink:

This is strange for me to answer - because it actually wasn’t. It was painful, yes, but it was such a great and special experience that I wouldn’t call it “uncomfortable”. My artist (and his assistance) took all the time he (and I) needed, I could ask for a break whenever I needed one, they supplied me with cold drinks, took care of me, were the nicest and greatest and most caring persons I can think of. I think it would have been uncomfortable in a different environment, yes, definitely; but for me, it wasn’t :wink:


Lol I only just realised its scarification not a tattoo :sweat_smile:

What’s the expected heal time on something like that. A week to heal past open wound, but how long to fully scarify?