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I did only try the flipper post install I believe so maybe? But based on my pre install reads on the Acr I think it’s unlikely. We’ll see!

One surprise is that the spectrum’s red LED is significantly brighter (at this stage) than all the flex next purple ones I’ve had at same healing stages.
I guess it has a whole big antenna for itself whereas the nail sticker were just benefiting from the proximity of a big antenna.

It’s probably also the material… white PCB mask and a nice fat wide dollop of med silicone to go over the passives that helps diffuse the light.

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What’s the deal with Magic Mifare Gen1A magic commands?

Said a less dumb way:

Why can’t you issue the “magic” commands from something like a phone, say through the NFC Shell app?

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It’s because the ISO14443A communication cycle as defined by the standard had specific states, and one of those states is the HALT state. After a PICC (transponder) enters this state, the only way you’re supposed to be able to get it out of that state is to drop the field and power it down.

The “magic” backdoor command is issued after the chip enters HALT state, so only PCDs (proximity coupling device / reader) that breaks from ISO14443 would actually be able to issue this command. Android OS also has no method for this, so even if the reader chip inside the hardware could be coaxed to do this, the OS has no way to instruct the hardware to do this.


Ah, that makes sense, thank you!


And another


@amal @darthdomo
here’s the wake on lan issue direct from windows… they broke it

so it only works with S3… which no longer exists because of S0…
or S4… problem is S0 implementation breaks the power management of nic required to make it work, and disabling S0 also disables S4

Modern standby is worse than any malware, perfect example of fixing something till its broken
I find their whole reasoning flawed and irritating, considering they have killed numerous devices batteries, I don’t think ANYONE ever complained about a 1-3 second standby power up

for shits and giggles I dug a 10 year old laptop out and had wake on lan working in 30 minutes
but the final answer is its broken because Microsoft

3 out of 4 problems I have lately, are all the result of S0, and it can’t be fixed… sigh
including my on going issue of trying to prevent my sensitive mouse from waking the computer, because it acts like a seismograph and wakes the computer from people just walking around, or a nearby train going by

apparently, windows doesn’t consider S0 to even be a sleep, so all the associated controls for what can and can’t “wake” something don’t apply… its just hardwired to wake on mouse no matter what you set …



UV tattoo cleaning day.

Much better pictures with the saniderm removed. Pretty happy with it but won’t know how much ink got retained for a few more weeks

My phones sensor has a hard time adjusting to the intensity of the UV light


building a soldering iron station, and never really gave it much thought… but aparantly a war wages

How do you clean your Soldering iron?
  • Brass wool
  • Steel wool
  • Wet Sponge
  • Both
  • I’m supposed to clean it?

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wow :sweat_smile:


Is it just me?

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Just avoid steel wool as it’ll wear out the iron layer on your soldering iron tips. Use brass or a wet cellulose sponge.

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brass wool works the best for me, and i clean it religiously. I cheaped out recently and picked up a copper scrubby thing for the kitchen and it is just not nearly as effective.

This is my little station.

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I see the votes now, maybe I wasn’t fully awake? Or did someone edit it? O.o

I’m a big fan of brass wool. Used a wet sponge for a few years. The wet sponge works fine for most things, but if I accidentally get a bit of plastic debris or something on my iron, the brass wool takes it right off. It’s also annoying to have to wet it if I’m just doing a quick soldering job, esp since I used to store my soldering iron setup in a drawer.

I bought one years ago and still works great.

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I use the wet sponge between points / pads when I’m working, and then finish up with long hold on the wet sponge followed by a final brass wool scrub. The brass wool is an absolute necessity though when you forget and leave your iron on overnight and come back to a fully oxidized tip. A nice dip into flux and a rigorous deep dive into brass wool will usually clean that right up again.


i had the wet sponge absolutely destroy a fine tip for my ts100 a year or so ago and ive completely abandoned it for the brass/copper scrub


whoa! how?