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Amal or @RyuuzakiJulio doe this include the flex wedge?
The reason I ask is from the Vivokey video a piercing needle is use rather than a syringe, so other than the gauge, the procedure is exactly the same.

Just curious, as this would also allow the Apex Flex to be installed on its release.

Remember sourcing needles is trickier in Japan, so “just get a bigger gauge” might not be as easy as it sounds

Where did you found that disclaimer, @Pilgrimsmaster?

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Now back to the derail re-rail…

I remember some years ago there was something on Japanese law about certain procedures which were not usually available, but could be performed by Gaijin artists during events.

Had something to do with a gray area around cultural exchange…

It is far too many years ago for me to remember the technicalities, and I’m also not so sure how much that was a technical gray area/loophole, or mostly a moral excuse to turn the occasional blind eye.

Maybe something Julio would know…

Perhaps some small flex are able to be installed. The problem is the moment they need stitching or numbing. Once we get a brave clinic to execute this installations we will be fully supporting flex, perhaps magnets, etc.

My experience, the DT custom Flex needle only needs a butterfly or steri strip rather than actual stitches.

Numbing comes down to the individual.

I hate to think of all the great implants that aren’t yet available to you…yet.

But baby steps

Good luck with it all though and thanks for the reply.

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Oh if I know, the reason is called “gray zone” (also here called the same “goo-ray so-nu”) is because there is no clear law prohibiting or regulating poking people with needles.

It is illegal to sell or buy any type of needle, so no one can get their hands on syringes so easy without a medical license.

However, there are a couple of companies that produce one of the most famous piercing needles in the world, known for their sharpness, etc, etc. This company provides the needles to a specific association of professional piercers across Japan. (Also sell globally)

Now about that gray zone.

The law prohibits cutting someone else for medical purposes. But forgives cutting someone for aesthetic reasons as long as is not considered a medical procedure.
(Per example, ear piercings, belly button, nipples, etc, etc, etc). So as long as everyone is happy and safe there is no problem.

The moment someone has a bad procedure and complains to the police, they can come and accuse the piercer to have “performed” a medical procedure without a license. They basically keep it as a gray zone to don’t deal with them and to be able to point the finger whenever they want.

As far as I know there is not even a license for piercers. And they are very careful of the procedures they offer. So, like @Pilgrimsmaster says… baby steps…

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Julio, I may have a solution to your needle importation problem in Japan:

Decades ago, there was a South American country (can’t remember which - Peru perhaps) that forbade the importation of gun barrels. They wanted to protect the local manufacturing industry or something.

One very well known gun manufacturer found a workaround: they manufacturered two gunbarrels stuck end-to-end that they sold as “gun barrel preparation kits”, not subject to the import restriction. A local Peruvian gunsmith could freely import one of those kits, saw if off in the middle and file the muzzles clean to get two finished working gunbarrels.

DT could possibly sell a long metal tube with a deep slanted score mark in the middle in a sterile packaging. Grab the tube through the packaging with both hands, snap the tube in half, and voila: two sterile needles :slight_smile:

The only difficulty would be cutting the score mark just deep enough to leave almost no material, so it’s easy to snap off and won’t create a jagged edge once separated. But it wouldn’t be a needle, so perhaps it would be importable in Japan.

Anyway, just a thought for a Japanese lawyer to consider I guess…

Interesting approach. If it weren’t a simple exercise to implant with a piercing needle we might explore something like that.

I was more thinking about the specialty 5mm needle that might be of value to import in Japan.

Maybe… but they have their own 4g needles as well. Not as long, but gripping with a forceps and manipulating it that way would work fine, especially for the new flex format coming… 7.5mm wide and 28mm long, straight… no wedge shape.

Still dialing it in so nothing available yet with this antenna, but it’s gonna be superior robustness with the same performance. Apex Flex will definitely be on this new antenna system. Unfortunately only certain high capacitance chips can work with it so the magic chips are out.


Interesting product. This looks like it maximizes the antenna area.

Just tell me it’s a copper coil and not an aluminum foil thing :slight_smile:

Can a payment conversion use this arrangement, once dialed in?

I don’t know where purewrist falls here

Also, are those the actual antennas, or just dummies for proof of concept?

Would that mean 0g needle? :open_mouth: