The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

That’s what I originally thought in that other thread,
but there was the whole “it’s not just a hole” needle cutting angles Etc

I give up lol

Skin is a weird and confusing organ, and needles only add weirdness…

I’ll just give the nice needle people, the things I want under my skin, and let them work out what needle magic needs to happen

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Of course it’s just a hole: the needle is round. What else could it be? :slight_smile:

Not really: think of it as leather that ain’t dead yet :slight_smile:

My flex wedge needed neither. And it’s a larger-than-usual wedge.

Although with no numbing, you do need a brave soul to get it in. But I would rather have the option to feel pain but get what I want, so I am sure others around would be happy to be offered the same.

You gotta love some Engurishu!!
I miss being able to order Cho-Ko-Re-To Mi-Ru-Ku and Melon Pan at a パン屋! :heart_eyes:

afaik as well.

Better start small and be able to grow, than start big and fumble epicly.

Would these happen to be the same size as the nfc nails for the easy option of adding two blinkies???

This information is really helpful!. I will check out with our piercer network to see if they can get a larger gauge and how they feel about performing those installations once they have finished a couple of normal chip implants.
I know is not so complex, but for some of them this is still new.
Remember in Japan many of them haven’t had the chance to even see a microchip implant in real life. So even that some have had implants already, for Japan 2021 is the year of the cyborg.

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There is a detailed run about my needle flex wedge install here

Worth noting that was an assisted self install performed at home (courtesy of Lockdown).
I do have many years of experience as a piercer, though, hence why I was comfortable with guiding a complete freshman.

I did use a bit of lidocaine just to avoid having any involuntary movements while someone with no experience was poking a needle near my vases and nerves… but I was still feeling most of it.

Would not be a pleasurable experience to do with 0 numbing, but as I said, I would rather do that with no PM than not be able to do that.

Yeah, I still have some friends in the bodymod sector in Tokyo…
It is surprisingly prudish…



Funny enough, I live in a very bureaucratic country, with tons of really good and well-trained piercers and modders, and a license for piercers doesn’t even exist here. They basically set up their own standards and made some clubs to keep up the quality, but from the side of the government, there are no real guidelines considering apprenticeship, training or anything like that - I could basically go and open up a piercing studio tomorrow, if I liked to.

I think it is interesting how much of a problem bodymods can be in Japan, considering it has an amazing tradition of great tattoo artists and considering the first well-known implants were called “Yakuza beads” for some reason^^

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Chocolate Milk! Hell… didn’t expect to learn yet another language here :smile:

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Sort of…

At the same time that we see Japanese tattoos as a beautiful tradition, it has always been attributed to a certain class or caste.

Such as the “Ine Zumi” and other less famous orders of tattooed monks from the feudal times…

To the Yakuza of modern days.

Yet, in Japan “ordinary people” are generally “not meant” to be tattooed. It is seen almost as an affront.

For example… Onsens (Japanese “public baths”), public pools, many hotels, even certain beaches/parks… do not allow anyone with tattoos in their premises.

And even if you go into alternative circles over there… Sailor Jerry, New School and some very “obviously western” style are usually appreciated, but what we call “traditional Japanese” style… is seriously shunned there!

Because for a Japanese alternative to have them is many times seen either as an ofense or as a “poser gangsta” attitude. And it gets even worst for a Gaijin to have it.

Here in Europe we can have our faces covered in tattoos and still manage to become a manager in a respectable company (harder, but achievable). In places like Japan… to be that alternative is a lifestyle choice.

Well you’re right about body modification being reserved to the elite in Japan:

I just discovered why people are so big on contactless payment over here: I tried to get gas at the gas station, and the contact reader plain didn’t work :slight_smile:

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That’s either cold, or really cold… units unclear lol

A few years ago it was -30 here and I had to help unbury a bunch of stuck cars in our parking lot

Quick permanent transition from “ snow is magical and I love the cold” to “ grumpy I hate the snow grinch”

PROTIP: at -40 both scales overlap


FMSW! That is painfully cold :cold_face:
How far do you live from Helsinki?

That’s a hard pass

Doesn’t that make your location colder than Mars at the moment @anon3825968?
Nope, close though -49c is the number to beat

I’ve been to -32 freedom units. I do not ever wish to reenact that experience.

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Not really,
Rosco is in Finland and Less than 10 countries in the world use Fahrenheit mostly just United States and its territories.

Fun Fact

Even Liberia and Myanmar use Celcius ( The only other 2 countries that use the imperial / “standard” units of measure )

Hey, I’ve busted Rosco using freedom units often enough lol

Don’t deny me my fun

Haha, True… But he is OLD :wink:

May the be with you, Rosco!