The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I had it a couple of times today.

The edit actually went through, it just did not show me until I refreshed the page.

I assumed it was because I also had the same post open on my mobile, so I closed it there and stopped giving me errors.

Although that could have just been synchronicity.

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I pay in… other ways…


Also this made me actually laugh pretty hard


My hunch is cloudflare needs some tuning… I’ll look into it.

Hi guys, I know this might be a long shot but I was wondering if anyone here happens to have █ ██████████ █████ ███████ ███ would be kind enough to provide me with an invite.


Also its been a while since I’ve been here, glad the community is still thriving.

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It has indeed, I was thinking that when I saw your name…WELCOME BACK
and dont worry, AppleCad™ is still a thing…

Glad you are well and sorry I can’t help you with the RiseUp



i can do. pm

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Thanks so much fellow cyborg!

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Lol, was just trying to keep Google or whatever crawlers from indexing this as a place to ask for stuff, lest we be swarmed by many people asking.

I wonder if @RealVioletWitch is okay. Haven’t seen her in more than a year. I try not to keep tabs on people, but she is a serial implanter and was a pretty active member of the community. @JennyMcLane @Vicarious do you know?


Oh it’s escalated since then… we are looking to join a class action lawsuit against PayPal for stealing $6000ish from our frozen account for “damages related to AUP violations”. Motheruckers held our cash for almost the full 180 waiting period and just before the deadline they stole it.

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They kinda missed the important bit

We haven’t seen that for a while


Welcome back @anon3825968


I will temporarily come back here to tell you that this isn’t new: Paypal froze my account with $300 in it and never returned the money back in 2001. This was pre-eBay, they weren’t FDIC-insured (not sure if they are now).


I’m only popping in and out :slight_smile:


Aww I’m sad I missed the dead hooker chat.
But I’ll beat a dead horse and jump in anyways. If I thought @Zwack and @Pilgrimsmaster had a trunk load of dead hookers and needed a place to dump them, I’d be offended to. Do you two have a trunk load of dead hookers to dump…?
If not, I guess that was a joke.

Not everyone finds everyone’s humour funny.

My favourite joke is this

2 cows standing in a field, one says hey, are you worried about mad cow disease? The other says “what do I care? I’m a helicopter!”

Did you snicker or blow air out your nose?
If so does that make you anti-mental wellness? Or anti trans as the cow may be now identifying as a helicopter?
Probably not.

This group of people here are some of the friendliest and most accepting people I have come across- and I started out pretty rough.

I 100% agree that @anon2520759 should have not been brushed off, you have a voice here. If you don’t like the conversation - speak up as you did, let us all try to see things from your side, but please consider doing the same - they were not being hostile.

Much love and support. For everyone.