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In a First, Scientists Used Personalized Brain Stimulation to Successfully Treat a Person’s Severe Depression (
You guys see this?


That’s insane, in a very cool way.



You can also open the image with Google lens and it will offer you the choice of searching for products, translating and several other features.

Anyone know of a linux command I can run in ProxSpace that is basically a timer delay? Like I want to put a 5 second delay in a script between commands?

you mean like this, but not this?



Which I guess you could add a sequence of timed commands with something like this


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There’s sleep. Very useful in bash scripts. Just sleep then number of seconds to sleep.

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correct that’s inside the proxmark3 client … i just mean the linux environment before the client is launched.

yes! this works :slight_smile: thanks!

The proxmark client also lets you issue proxmark commands from bash if you call the client and use the -c switch.

Example: proxmark3 -c "lf search; msleep -t 100; lf search"
This will start the client, issue the lf search command followed by a sleep/wait of 100 milliseconds then another lf search and then quit the client once the commands have run.




So I am guessing I have to choose between one or the other. But how hard is it to switch a proxmark3 easy between a PC and a Mac? My tower is a Pc I built and my laptop is a MacBook I had for art school. i would like the ability to use a proxmark3 on both. If it’s too much of a pain I’ll buy a second proxmark I guess.

Anybody else getting this when editing a post?

It seems to happen in any post I make with any sort of code-looking text in it, or a link to a page that seems to contain code. Really annoying…


First world problem…but yep

I found it will save the changes if you select OK and cancel edit BUT if you try and edit again, it will drop the previous edit, so on the second edit you are best to
“select all”
“copy paste”
new edit then save
get error
click OK
and it SHOULD be done…

Somewhat, not much fun…

Pretty easy. You will need to install the client software on both machines (and preferably the same version, and match the firmware version to at least one client version)

I move mine between Android and Linux without issue.

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Well touché. Tell it like it is :slight_smile:

I shouldn’t complain really: all the other forums I patronize don’t let you edit anything: get your post right, and if you fuck up, too bad. But you kinda get used to Discourse’s post-first-then-think feature :slight_smile:

It doesn’t for me.

Awesome! Thank you.

I still think it has to do with cloud flare, even though I’m supposedly passing all traffic without any filtering for the forum and I also have the cloud flare plug in for discourse installed

I doubt it. New posts with code go through fine. It’s only when you edit them later. So I think it’s a protection feature in Discourse that doesn’t work when posting new posts.

Also, apparently it’s only when it tries to generate a preview in the edit. I just edited one of mine to replace the code preview with a plain old link and it went through.

I’m not quite sure what it’s trying to protect against though. It’s not like browsers execute Python or shell code embedded inside HTML pages willy-nilly.

Discord or Discourse?


Can someone with knowledge compare us to a sect/cult?
I’d be interested how close we are to a cult.