The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I’m ok with having more chips than average under my skin, but I doubt that I’ll end up having a need for an iClass implant. And I’m pretty sure that Amal is right on the capabilities of those chips.

I have room for both another xDF2 and an Apex Mega so at the end of the day, it will depend on my schedule and the meaning of Soon™.

That was my original plan, NDEF in L0 and applets in R0…

Sounds like BUMP time to me


Geez, I reallly do need to sit in the corner, That was supposed to be my joke ( I was stealing your idea to give back to you )


While you guys are taking about xdf2

Can you school me and potentially @likilike ( Thinking about getting one - #33 by likilike)
About the encryption ability of the xdf2

He wants to store crypto keys, I was suggesting that ndef plain text was probably not wise, and that desfire might be a more secure way to contain plain text

@Zwack and @Pilgrimsmaster
Previously we were talking about using a kvm with rfid reader…

I found an even easier and free solution

“Mouse without borders” via windows garage
Let’s you share keyboard and mouse and copy paste between networked computers

I can sit down at primary laptop, scan (either kbr or wave nano), mouse to other screen just like a dual monitor, scan again on same reader and done

Very fast and easy,

Only weird issue I’ve seen is my “nice” mouse on my primary laptop, is set to a fairly high polling rate, and secondary laptop doesn’t seem to like it

At first I thought it was just network lag; but my touchpad is super crisp across machines

Weird and begs more digging but so far it’s a solution

Now I have a different issue, the KBR1 and my wave nano spit out the same uid in vastly different configurations… I can edit the output format on the wave nano, but there are like a dozen different options and I can’t find the right combination to make outputs match

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I am currently trying to, although, not particularly actively, trying to find a good repository for DESFire applets, that I can link to in the Handy Dandy thread.
so if anybody knows of one or if you have built some of your own you are willing to share, please let me know.

I am not sure if some of the Apex Applets can be sideloaded onto Desfire chips, :speaking_head: AMAL!?
I actually hope that there will one day be a library / applet store hosted on Amals Server that we access for our DESFire implants

Stupid question,

Do you even need to run an applet to use the “mutual authorization” capability?

I thought this meant that if the reader didn’t request a certain sector nothing the chip wouldn’t answer

Not keys, but there are some cold storage ideas if you are interested in @likilike

And watch this space for Apex options…:eyes:


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I’m pretty sure yes. You have to setup the keys n stuff, that doesn’t work if you use all space for NDEF.

It’s more like a password check I guess.

Read the datasheet guys :slight_smile:

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Meh, that happens after I actually order a DF2

I am actually surprised you don’t have one; I thought that would be right in your wheelhouse! :wheel_of_dharma:

I’ve had it in my cart so often and I did actually look at the datasheet before… but I’m waiting for the Apex. Apex can do everything DF2 can, in better.

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This may seem like a question for the Resident AI but are the relevant data sheets linked to the appropriate products in the store (I don’t remember seeing them) or if not do we have a thread containing links?

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They are always linked in the shop


I’ve tried similar solutions like Win2VNC/X2VNC before, but I actually prefer the physical context switch of having to press a button.

AND they should mostly, if not all be in here


In a drop down menu, so kinda hidden.

Here is the NExT Implant for example, with 2 Datasheet links in PURPLE

Not true as far as I can tell. I just checked 3 products (with 5 chips total) and found 2 data sheets. That means there are another 2 data sheets missing and a product that didn’t include one of the data sheets that another product did.

Which ones?