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I was looking for a Youtube tutorial:
How to get :unicorn:unicorns like you?

:frowning: didn’t find any
But I really need a high authority to approve a letter for me.
Internationally recognised at least, but intergalactic would be better.

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Ask, and you shall receive…

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Wife and I frequently do the “they’re ALL dead, Dave”. Pretty much any time someone says something died… “damn, my phone died” “really? how about the tablet?” “dead, Dave” “the laptop?” “dead, Dave”

My aforementioned friend has a great story. She has a Red Dwarf decal on her car and parked in front of someone who had (a licence plate frame I think it was?) for the same. She left them a note under their windshield wiper that said “smoke me a kipper” and when she got out of the shop they were gone but there was a note on her car that said “what a guy!”


Back when I lived in the UK, my neighbor drove an old drab grey Austin with a large cutout of Gordon Brittas on his rear windshield and caption saying “I have a dream…” :slight_smile:

Theoretically we already have all the tech needed for something very similar to that. We just don’t have it all assembled.

would be easy to picture a dermal-anchor style piercing which links to an SD card intradermal.

I am fairly confident that could work, depending on where you install it.
You would probably need some custom connectors, though.

Good luck ripping it out when you try to unplug the cable lol

Interesting if impractical side channel attack for NXP A700X chips in 2FA dongles.

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All you need is


That’s exactly why I said:

Wouldn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? Granted, it would be an embeded mass storage device, but you’d have to lug around a custom cable for it, at which point you might as well carry a flash drive. And the above mentioned issues with transdermals would still persist. It sure would be really cool though :slight_smile:

Same thing with a USB-C cable, though…

If we’re talking about a hypothetic device, I would also embed a wireless transfer protocol. Slower than a direct connection, but useful as a backup, and would allow you to not worry about the cable that much.

Also, on that thought, we could design a flexible adapter: usb-c to custom, which can be worn better than a storage solution could.

There are options, and the Tech exists.
The main problem is the amount of resources and human hours required to make a prototype which, besides our vanity, does not really solve any problems, therefore harder to make that much money back…

You are right at that, but the chance of finding a USB C cable in any one place is exponentially higher then finding a custom unicorn cable - this of course isn’t a problem if it’s just for personal use, then you can have the cable anywhere where you spend a lot of time. But I still don’t see the practicality of that. :confused:

There already is a slow wireless transfer protocol that requires you to have a reader for it… it’s bitrate is abysmall, though… NFC :slight_smile:

The tech does exist, and I think that a prototype is probably feasable, but there is still a myriad of smaller problems. As stated above, transdermals, kinda not ideal. Also, how would we prevent ergress into th3 connector? Then there are all the other things from everyday life. If it’s just a PoC, it could probably be done

Would you like some of these theoretical implants posts moved to your dream chip thread?

If it is your dream to implant significant storage memory devices!?

I don’t mind either way, but happy to do it if you want

perhaps a magnetic USB-C adaptor with surface connectors, similar to this

could be a good Idea.

Although I feel like this should be a question to a mix of @Eriequiet, @Atilla and @anon7067117, I guess…
I kinda hijacked their Derail. :sweat_smile:

That would work wonders as well. :wink:

Hmmmm that would probably make sense…
Maybe microdermals would be a better idea for this use case. From what I hear, they aren’t nearly as problematic as transdermal. Don’t really have any experience with them though.
So what the implant would actually need is
A. the storage medium itsself (even micro SD are comparatively large)
B. some sort of scaffold to hold the electronics, probably made of surgical SS and partially coated with bioreisin
C. the actual interface (could probably be quite a simple affair, with the logic being handled by the cable you proposed)

And it being a magsafe style connector would work wonders for not having your expensive new toy ripped from under your skin :slight_smile: so long as the magnets are weak enough

It’s rather the other way round. Transdermals are more surgery to implant (making a pocket, then punching out a hole in the middle of it, simply put), but much more resistant to daily life. Microdermals are installed by just punching a hole and “levering” them inside, but because of their smaller base, they tend to be ripped out a lot easier.

Unicorns are intersting creatures - some are nice, some are plain a-holes, just like humans. To make them like you is not that difficult, you just have to find one that matches your personality. And maybe sacrifice some babies on a cementary on midnight or so, dunno… :stuck_out_tongue:
And it always help to use the magic word…


Coma beat me to it!! :laughing:

Transdermals are harder to properly heal. But once they heal, they are fairly secured in place. Even a moderate bump might not do much to it.

Now, Microdermals…
Those are easy to place. easy to heal. and even easier to fuck up badly! any tiny yoink and you are back to “heal day 0”.

But the principle behing a midrocermal, if exxagerated, might work out fairly nice.

Would still have some issues @coma already explained very well on her other post…

And some might solve global hunger!

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I’d have to review the USB-C pinout/specs, but IIRC the older microUSB style only actually used four pins for power and data transfer so if you went with a magvault style connector, only four small exposed transdermal contacts and one or two small subdermal magnets for alignment and hold… that seems to be a reasonable starting place for the concept. I know USBC has a lot more pins, but haven’t really looked at the spec