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Yeah. I was on the edge of going in on it, and missed that rocket. Hoping to get on the BB one.

FOMO for sure.

  1. I missed Bitcoin, when I had the chance to buy them for around $10 a piece.

  2. I missed GME this time, cause last year I turned $300 into $1700 and then lost it all listening to them. I also didn’t read into it much cause I am still slightly bitter.


Some of those guys are making out like bandits. I am super jealous. I may try to play the puts on it.

yeah but honestly it’s like complaining you missed being hit by lightning… its random and unforseen… don’t let hindsight make you think you “missed something”… you didn’t… it’s just random dumb luck.

Also… this;

While the hedge funds and other professional money managers had been shorting GameStop’s shares, betting that its stock was doomed to further decline, the retail investors — online traders, mom-and-pop investors, small brokers and others — have been pushing the other way, buying shares and stock options. That caused GameStop’s market value to increase to over $24 billion from $2 billion in a matter of days.

this is not real value… it’s market value… which would drop like the Hindenburg if hydrogen was as dense as lead and twice as explosive if everyone suddenly tried to pull 24b out of it. this is the most irritating way people fail to understand “worth” and “value”… specifically when people say “billionaires saw a 400BN raise in their net worth during the pandemic” and then the average person reads that like “billionaires earned 400BN in profit during the pandemic” which is absolutely not the same thing… “net worth” is pretend value… cash in the bank is real value (as much as fiat and human value systems allow for quantitative value to be placed on such things)… but the point is they didn’t accrue 400BN worth of currency… some dipshits said “i am willing to buy amazon stock for more $” … not that they actually bought it… it’s just the market price. If you look at actual earnings for these companies the revenue is has only seen a very modest increase, which is to be expected because people can’t go out to shop for much during a pandemic… but the point is … it’s all a game.


Yeah I’m gonna go in on NOK in the morning.

I missed out at $120
Everyone is saying the squeeze will go further by morning with GME but I’m not so sure.

After the subreddit and discord both went down briefly ( [discord is down permanently for hate speech] keeps having outages due to traffic) GME dropped $111 in minutes

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I will look into NOK. If you ever wanna talk stocks, PM me. I know enough to be dumb.

For sure. Just kinda one of those things that would be real nice. I wouldn’t be greedy and keep holding.

Yeah, hence the long put option. Still a risk. But can make way more money, for way less. In a sense. I’m not the best. I understand it is all a gamble really. I just didn’t understand bitcoin when it came out.

Hey me too! Next thing I knew, it was at like 20,000

I had asked my uncle who’s an economics professor about it and he said it was too volatile. Me being young and broke (like 15 at the time) just listened to him. Checked it a year later when explaining it to someone and it was at 8k and then over a few months it was at 17k (I bought). Went down for awhile and then I sold at like 20k (I had like $40 worth). So I didn’t make much but I still wasn’t expecting it to be at what it is now.

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with age comes wisdom, but only wisdom of the old ways.


Yeah he and I definitely have different perspectives on trading now. I day trade casually and he has index funds (not that it’s a bad thing). I made a bit here and there trading pharmaceutical companies and I’m okay with that lol


Send tips my way any time. Its a millennial casino

That’s pretty much how I see it :sweat_smile: I’d never invest money I wasn’t prepared to lose.





Some Rich Dude: “I’m gonna bet other peoples’ retirements on a game company going out of business and brag about it online”

Internet Nerds: “Hold my Mountain Dew”


Definitely have an internet crush on Angela - met her at BDYHAX awhile back, and her personality is absolutely infectious :heart_eyes:

She is indeed gorgeous

There are two certainties with Wall Street:

  • The fuckers who fuck up’s gonna keep on fucking it up, cuz the SEC is asleep at the wheel.
  • The losers ain’t gonna be those who caused the fuck-up, but the rest of us who have nothing to do with it
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Most did. For some of us it has been life changing.


Well, the doomsday clock stayed at 100 seconds to midnight this year. I was convinced it would move to 80 :sweat_smile:

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Hint, if you need it


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Almost looks like a unicorn. :face_with_monocle: