The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Kinda wish you could use the dna services anonymously, wouldn’t be that hard…

But it’s obviously not in their best interest

It’s so silly, but I can’t stop laughin’!!


So my nurse isn’t too keen on cutting my hand open for a flexEM but my doctor most likely will be. Wish me luck lads.
P.S. anyone have flex install vids for reference?


@Mariarangok may have one, but best to DM her I think.
@vampire_blue may also?

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My partner just got her results back from them. It wasn’t cheap but the breakdown is very interesting. I’m not certain that they don’t share your info, they could just be lying, but it’s at least some consolation.

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Where would you place English on the difficulty continuum of languages in which you are fluent?

Our Finnish teacher told us this: learning English is like learning to play the guitar, while learning Finnish is like learning to play the violin. The former is really easy to pick up and play a few convincing chords with, while the latter requires months of training just to get a note right. But in the end, both require an equally long time to master.

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Today I learned that my wife lost one of our two mailbox keys in the car accident last week so we only have one key. Not the end of the world, but it’s inconvenient. Turns out the mailbox lock is up to us, not the building and … … … I have this sexy sexy implant… … … LOL hmmmmmmmmmmm


That’s hard to tell for some reasons… the first one being that English is the only other language I am fluent in :smile:

I learned it pretty early (through good old Lucasfilm Games point-and-click adventures :wink: ), and I am constantly surrounded by it - be it on this forum, in songtexts or because it’s just the language you agree on when talking with people all over the world. So it’s easy to keep on using it, and that makes learning it a lot easier as well.
If I actually take a look at the language, it seems relatively easy, considering there is only a “the” and not a “der, die das” or a “-in, -inn, -ið” or whatever, and verbs only change in one case (3rd person singular). That makes basic learning of the language a lot easier for beginners. Later you find all the irregularities the English language has (especially considering pronounciation, as Rosco already said), and things get more complicated, but I think to learn English on a basic level just to get along with is relatively easy.

Dutch is maybe one step more difficult, and I’m still far from understanding all the subtleties and details, but then again, I’m learning it on a smartphone-app while I learned English at school…

French was hell for me, simply because - sorry to all native speakers! - I do not really like the sound of the language, nor do I plan on travelling there, so it was hard to motivate me to learn it. Had it for some years at school and never really understood the grammar, so either I’m too dumb for it or it is a bit more complicated :wink:

Icelandic is… well, I just started learning it, so any judgement might be unfair. I think it’s pretty logical, and pretty complicated as well, and my tongue has to learn a lot new movements to pronounce all this funny stuff. But I love the sound of the language and plan on travelling there, so I decided to learn at least enough of it to more-or-less get along there… and hope that English is enough for the rest of it :wink:

(sidenote - I think it’s sooo rude to travel somewhere and just expect everyone will be able to speak some language you understand, though this happens to me as well sometimes. So I decided to learn at least the sentence “sorry, but I don’t speak XY” and “excuse me, do you speak English”, along with some basics like hello and bye, for every country I want to visit^^)

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Thou art not quite correct here :slight_smile:

Also, will / won’t / shall / shan’t. And I’m most certainly forgetting a million irregularities.

Hey, I’m talking about the basics, not all those funny special cases :stuck_out_tongue:
I think to learn enough to get along is pretty easy, to learn all the subtleties and specials is as hard as in any other language :wink:

It ain’t a special case, it’s just out of favor.

Just pulling your leg anyway.

there’s a blurred link in this post which is a video from my flex install.

Not EM, using needle… so probably not so great for your use case. :woman_shrugging:
but who knows…

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Damn!! you reminded me of an abomination I thought to have forgotten!!

Also, @Coma, another pearl from Germany techno scene from way back!! :rofl:

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Hell guys, what’s wrong with you? :rofl:
Though I must admit, it reminds me of times when really strange music videos were actually on TV… happy 90s :wink:

this one was maybe a bit better-known, but nevertheless - I really love it!

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I blame @mrln!! :rofl:
I had successfully repressed HGich.T to the dark corners of my mind for the past decade at least! :relieved:

But Sebastian is a terrible albeit good clip! and brings a better message than the above abominations!! :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, thanks a lot - I just researched some more clips of them, and I feel like I wandered a bit too long in the dark, littered, moist and poorly lit back-alleys of the internet… again. :stuck_out_tongue: I love that :wink:

I just love this over-the-top gay attitude, the colour, the costumes and the lyrics as well - I think they capture the 90s feeling pretty well, at least what I remember of it (though I was maybe just too young for all that… then again, unlike those who were in party-age already, I can remember the 90s :stuck_out_tongue: )


If anyone here would actually enjoy that, I’m glad it’s you! :sweat_smile:

Oh, yes!!

We had fewer of that in the 90s, but it felt a lot… “louder-prouder” back then!

Sure those were good times!

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Good that this is already the derail-thread… :wink:
I think in times ago, 90s, even earlier, a lot of artists used a very “gay” aesthetic, more or less obviously. And people knew, and it was okay - everybody knew Freddy Mercury was bisexual, Jimmy Sommerville was gay, and lots of others as well. I’m currently watching R.E.M.s “Losing my Religion” again, and it’s at least sexually ambivalent, and I’m not even talking about stuff like Frankie goes to Hollywood and all that. And it was okay, at least to a certain degree - today, people with a lifestyle of those “old-time-stars” (considering their sexual choices, but also drug use and lots of other things) would get shredded to parts by boulevard magazines and “social” media.

On the other side, I have a gay colleague who is a bit older, and who sometimes talks about being gay in the 80s, 90s and such - the insane party life and freedom, yes, but also the fear to get beaten up, even in lager German cities.

So maybe artists of all kind had a lot more freedom then, but “common people” had less… dunno.