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Hey, thats new, isnt it?

Just close it and it will be gone…

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:star: ← That is new isn’t it. :grin:




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I thought you would have a Scotch thistle

That too… It’s our Ginger plant. It grows surprisingly well here.

Ngl, I 100% thought it was an ear of corn at a distance…

Is your home state of Indiana one of the corn states?

Happy now? :rofl:

Indeed it is…



There are crows being flushed down toilets?


Haha, that crow’s the mascot for an amusement park/beach resort here, called Indiana Beach. “There’s more than corn in Indiana” used to be their slogan, it’s been burned into my mind ever since I was a child. The commercials were awful.

I didn’t show up yesterday, I feel so behind. So much to catch up on as soon as my anxiety settles down. :joy:

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me fixie thx

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Does my star count?


It is original, can make a gold one for a small amount of DOGE.


amazing artwork, can’t even see much of the original background anymore!

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Actual serious simple tip

PowerPoint has some powerful yet simple functionality built in.

Take the same image, double click on it, it will be highlighted and the toolbar will change. Top left there should be “remove background”
With a simple image like that, it should remove it all with one click.
However there are tools to remove or delete as you need.

It is by no means the best tool, but as readily available software to many people, it is a good option.

Alternative method,
Take the same image, double click on it and the same editing toolbar, go to colours (not quite as top left) and at the bottom of that list will be “transparent colour”
Select this then click on the background of the star and all that grey will disappear.
Although in that image, I think it may not remove the watermarks…

No payment necessary, just remember me when you are rolling around in your DOGE coin vault…


P. S.

Totally does, you are a star in my eyes :eyes:


I finally got the perfect avatar of a Scotch Thistle. Rather than just a Scottish Thistle.

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Side note:
Do you not actually call it a Scotch Thistle?

We do in NZ, but either is acceptable here.

We would call it :drum: a Thistle.

But I always remember…
The people are Scots, the language is Scottish, the drink is Whisky, in fact the only thing that is Scotch is the tape, and that is American.

In Oregon they have this plant they call Scotch Broom… I only ever heard it being called “Broom” growing up.