The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Ya it seemed to have shown up just after my last post here - I’m assuming I got us all a time-out for dredging up bones.

I also dislike PayPal.

I set it to slow down posts and replies getting heated and allowing people time to “think before they speak”

It will be back to normal in about 9hrs

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Haha, not a time out, just everybody sent to their own rooms :wink:

But does it really slow us down? We can still angrily reply to the wrong post… We just can’t edit our posts… Or can we?

We can however not reply too quickly in succession… After we have put our foot in our own mouth once.

But slowly adding more content to your post seems to work.

Yeah, it was more of a polite request…
it is very easy for me to silence a user who doesn’t want to play nice with others

Apple Pay or Apple Cash is extremely user friendly with no fees and is pretty much instant among friends and family. It’s as quick as PayPal to and from banks and it would be nice to one day see their platform available to everyone without an Apple product.

I have been a fan of PayPal in the past, it is quick and easy among non Apple users as a last resort.

I have tried Venmo and cash app previously, I would consider using cash app again. I refuse to use anything Facebook and avoid any further use of windows and google.


I think Zelle is the best I’ve used, but it’s very limited, based on what bank you use. It’s instantaneous fee-free bank transfers.

It’s pretty handy for when I need the money immediately. Someone can send me a zelle transfer, and I can withdraw the cash from an ATM within a minute.

Apple Card doesn’t work in many other countries.

I heard the name the first time, sorry

I’m surprised, I wouldn’t say she was a prolific poster but pretty regular…

You just need a little reminder


i have this crazy friend…

Maybe somewhat misinformed also

I just read about ODaily’s experience with that date, mentioned back in April. I wish I could say I can’t relate but I can, but with regards to being plural rather than having an implant. Same kind of reaction of fear and ignorance and hate and panic, but from a friend and family member rather than potential partner.
Needless to say we don’t speak to them anymore.
~ Jamie


Yet… it’s Apple.
Child labor, Addiction Oriented Design, Monopoly, Buying and closing the companies just to avoid Mobile AR from becoming a thing because it’s not in their interest… and that’s just a tiny fraction.

I might hate paypal and Google, but Apple takes the cake of most destructive company imho. >.o

But they do make pretty stuff (or used to) and a hell of a seamless integration. I give you that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To replace PayPal on the brunt of what they do… it needs a lot more reach than Apple has.


If this is true, it doesn’t seem to bother half of the planet or effect me directly so I don’t care how they do what they do, they have a solid product and I’ll buy four of whatever they make because I trust it.

Google buying nest and screwing with the thermostats in my house for over 3 years while they make some “changes”, that did effect me directly.

True, things like child labour usually don’t bother people who are not affected by it, and that’s part of the problem…
I’m sometimes amazed how little people care about how stuff they use on a daily base is produced. I’m very often no exception from that, but saying that something is okay because lots of people don’t care about it is some sort of “carte blanche” for companies to just go on like that.


If its even true,

I’m not trying to get into anyone’s feelings or defend a company that I don’t know anything about past their products, nor do I care to.

I’m quite sure IF Apple is doing something illegal they will get caught and pay the price.

If I boycotted every company someone told me was bad I’d have to cease to exist.

That’s more of an ethical discussion…
Child labour is not illegal in several countries, but I still think it’s a problem nevertheless. Like, most of the ways poorer countries are exploited are not illegal. The ways animals get treated to produce fur or food are not illegal (in their respective countries). Still I think it is not a good way to earn profit…

Apple didn’t do anything illegal, but they didn’t care as much as they said they would whether their suppliers were following unethical practices.

One of their suppliers has a really poor safety record but isn’t going to fix it because that means less business from Apple, and Apple isn’t going to drop them as they want leverage over their other supplier of that component.

I am not saying Google or Samsung or … Is any better.

Oh, yeah. Right…

If their predatory and world raping business practices don’t impact you personally then it’s not an issue :laughing: :joy: :rofl: :crazy_face: