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Pretty sure every single cell phone and piece of tech creates a serious ethical problem somewhere in the world… from mining practices employed for every lithium battery in the world to tech waste destroying communities… I’m sure we are all guilty, and you can’t research or boycott your way around this problem. The only way is to make your opinion known to the company, try to amplify that voice (often using the very tech that encompasses the problem), and ultimately try to create political pressure to change laws where possible.


I totally agree with that, and also with the point that it’s nearly inevitable to buy stuff that has seriously problematic backgrounds.

Problem I see is that a lot of people don’t even care, and that way, nothing changes…


I apologize, my response was ethically incorrect, as it seems the collective opinion is that you should definitely not use Apple Pay or Apple Cash.

On another note,

I worked for a California company called Stion for about 8 weeks, the making of a batch of solar panels creates a full tanker load of cancer causing waste. The real messed up part about it is that of the batch, only half were good enough to sell. What did they do with the bad ones? You would be correct if you guessed they go to the landfill to further pollute the planet. I never purchased the product and I never returned any of my paychecks, but after working with and being around those chemicals, I have a pretty good feeling I lost a few years off my life.

Oh okay, so any ethical topics lead to affronted answers as well now?
I just said that nothing will change if people don’t care about the stuff they do. I didn’t say you should or should not use Apple products - would be ridiculous, since I am pretty aware that other companies are not neccessarily “better”. I just stated one could maybe care about that.


Oh, okay, so affronted answers lead to affronted answers as well now? :rofl:

I was going to respond to that but your answer was good. I wasn’t saying that Apple was worse than anyone else, in fact I believe I said the opposite.

At least as importantly in this discussion is the fact that Apple Pay doesn’t have the reach of some other solutions. That however is a matter for DT to decide on.

I personally refuse to research every company I want to purchase from or defend myself for purchasing or using those products. I don’t have the time or the energy.

I never said didn’t care about the stuff they do. I only said I do not care to defend Apple or get in anyone feelings.

I don’t agree with child labor or condone it, the question/discussion wasn’t originally about a child labor. It was Eyeux’s opinion on Apple that brought everyone’s fangs out on the subject.



Potentially NSFW depending on your workplace…


I wasnt’ going to beat on a dead horse… but you kinda handed me this one in a silver plate… :rofl:

Kinda proved my point there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry, couldn’t pass that one! :sweat_smile:

Now, Jokes aside…

I would love to still be able to believe in such statements.
But even if we lived in such a wonderful world, comma got the nail on the head:

Also when a company is so big…
They can break the laws of one country only within their offices in another country where it’s either legal or corrupt enough so that no one cares.
There is no organ in the entire world able to actually police and enforce that.

I think the brunt of the backlash came from the “I don’t care” or “if it were true” portions of your comment.

But as I said on the original post… “I hate apple’s practices” is my personal opinion. You do you! >.o

Also I don’t see a real alternative which isn’t also destructive. so…


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Man, my attempts to derail this are not going anywhere, so I guess now a complete retelling of the story of Operation Mincemeat. (Retold in the book and film “the man who wasn’t there”)

Well, maybe not, but that is a really interesting story. Pretty much any story about the XX committee seems to be worth listening to though.

I really appreciate your video though.

Love that song! And used it in so many situations already! XD



I was in my local hardware store and found that the “child safety” section includes Mace and Pepper spray. Is this to keep us safe from Children, or for their safety?

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Point of clarification

Mace is a brand 99% of the time now

That is still pepperspray or oleoresin capsicum

Mace in the old sense is CS gas, aka tear gas

Good deal of the time mace is illegal, (except sometimes in a oc/cs mixture)

True, it is Mace brand pepper spray.

Does the CS in CS gas stand for Child Safety?


No it stands for CfuckIcantpronouncethisShit


Cliff notes on actual differences in effect and application

OC or pepperspray, is literally that more or less, it’s extracted and concentrated pepper oil
Chemically it’s naturally and tricks your nerves into believing that your eyes are on fire and your face is being burned

Effects surface mucus membranes, lips eyes nose, mild irritation on regular skin

Oil based so washing off is problematic, and pretty much no way to chemically neutralize it, it just runs its course for 30-60 minutes

CS gas also known as hard-to-pronounce chemical,
Is synthetic, mild nerve agent… primarily effects lungs, triggering a burning sensation along with dramatic production of mucus, mild skin irritation, but can be washed off easier than OC

Think of CS as a beefed up onionspray

Dog spray, commonly thought of as OC or CS, can sometimes be an offshoot known as CN gas which is more effective agains canines but less so against humans

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I want a “vaxxed & chipped” shirt.


I like the idea…
I have to drive by bus regularly, and I was always a bit surprised when people backed away from cute doggies there… and then I realized that everytime someone decides to place their child next to me in the bus, I react in pretty much the same way :smile:
One day, I guess I’d say in a perfectly polite voice “could you please take your child away, my dog is afraid of children”. Still missing a dog for that, but…^^