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Yeah, it seems like availability is pretty limited, but it’s showing some through late June. The math I’m gonna have to do is making my head spin already… This is going to be an extremely complex itinerary haha. Between hostel bookings, the trains themselves, and attractions, I’m gonna need a binder. Hopefully I can get a working plan by the end of tonight. I also still have no idea how long I’m spending at every place. I guess I’m just limited by funds and the 30 day limit.

Huh, haven’t heard of the caltrain before. That’s really good to know, and their fares seem very reasonable. I’m going to have to spend like a whole day figuring out public transit everywhere I’m going. This was really helpful though, thank you!

Will do! This is incredibly loose, but to give a vague idea so I don’t surprise you, it’s looking like maybe a week or a week and a half til I’m in San Francisco. Looking at leaving in ~a week, but it’s a 2-3 day train trip to Cali…

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Just looked it up, wow that’s a beautiful area…


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Also, hiking recommendations are very welcome too… I don’t want to tire myself out too much, but small trails would be cool to walk.

The Grand Canyon? Oh, man, the Emerald Mile really made me want to experience it! If you’re on the fence, give it a read or listen to the audio book.

We’ll be camping over the 4th of July weekend, but other than that we’re free

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What an awesome use of the The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 interrobang

Don’t be too bummed, I also like the off the beaten path type tourism, and I have found Bike Hire a great way to do this…I have seen some amazing places all around the world doing this

:+1: Hopefully I’ll be there at least a week before July 4th weekend, so should be good. I’ll DM you a day or so before I get there, so you can plan for it. I plan on being in San Francisco for a couple of days, so hopefully something will work out regardless.

I appreciate the recommendation, and I’ll look into it, but sadly my physical condition limits this a little bit… I’ve been working on getting in shape, but biking is still a problem for me. I can handle walking for a long time, but I guess biking is just too intense at the moment. Can only bike for ~10-15 minutes at a time.

Might still be a good option for shorter trips around town, though.

This has been super helpful so far, really glad I asked about it here.


Might a relevant thread, but I’m just spitballing so it doesn’t feel right to derail a semi on topic thread

I’ve recently become motivated to rfid my car again,
I think I’ve found access to the “lock/unlock” wire where I could hook into

I’m now hesitant because of constant draw on battery (small car)

I’m now determined, half for practicality, half for the challenge

Is there any convenient way to power a reader, only when you need it? From the outside

The idea of a reed switch or Hall effect, and using a magnet thru the glass sounds possible, but keeping a magnet on the car and having to retrieve it seems like a pain

A magnet in my finger could be a cool concept, but I still not sure I want a finger magnet

I know on some cars, if you pull on the locked door handle the interior lights will power for a minute or 2, that would be a great bus to tie the reader into… but sadly my door handles don’t do this

Any suggestions on my brainstorming?

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I’ve always thought a PIR motion sensor module might be a cool idea. Not sure how hot days or cold days might affect it though

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You’ll still have some parasitic draw unfortunately, idk how much though. The best option would be some physical switch, but otherwise yeah, some proximity / motion sensor could work well


True, but honestly consider that many pir sensors that are battery powered last months to years on a couple little AAs… extremely low power.

So, thanks to a previously unseen availability on the California Zephyr, the time table has moved up dramatically… I’m now leaving here on Friday morning (in 28.5 hours), and getting to California Sunday afternoon. I’m going to San Francisco first, then LA, then Portland, then Seattle. 3 days in SF, 3 days in LA, 1 day in Portland, and 3 days in Seattle.

I’ll hopefully still be hopping on at least once a day via amtrak wifi, gotta keep going for the 1-year badge :wink: . If I don’t respond over the next few days though, that’s why.

Will be gone for over 2 weeks :slight_smile: hopefully some of the hostels have decent wifi as well.

@The13Beast sorry for the shift in time-table, but if you wanna meet up at any time this Sunday through Tuesday, I’m still down. We can DM about details.


My favourite kitchen tool.


Does it work on other things too or just apples? I can see that being extremely useful for something like a potato


Here a carrot


It’s all good. I’m busy those days but if you need anything while you’re here reach out to me. I’ll pm you my number

I added a small solar panel to trickle charge my car’s battery. I picked up a small PIR sensor as well but I recall reading that they don’t work through glass. Amal is right about them bring super low current. The one I found was spec’d at like 20 μA.

A trickle charger was my other line of thought, not to stop the draw but to make up for it

How’d you rig yours in? I’m looking to try and keep it clean, and that’s been my main resistance to that idea

I have subie so I used the roof rack. I ran a two conductor from the panel into the engine compartment (I saw a small “vent” or some such thing just below the windshield so I broke out one of the plastic dividers and ran the wire in there). There’s a channel along the windshield the cable fit nicely into, so I cleaned it and applied some clear silicone to keep it from flopping around. I had to replace my battery terminals anyhow so I got one with posts to make it easier to connect the charge controller (mounted in the engine compartment) to. If you don’t have a roof rack, well… Once I glued a few 100 watt panels to the roof of a van. I took it from WA as far as Utah. They were up there for 4(?) years before I retired the van. Good products are Liquid Nails Fuze It or 5200. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, the outside temps are good, and you respect the cure time.

Oh, I know people that have also just stashed the panel inside their windshield on the dashboard and used the car’s diagnostic port to backfeed power to the battery… A little sloppy for me, personally.