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I might be a bit late to the party, but still - I always like to take a loot at the Atlas Obscura when planning a travel. Obviously several tourist traps, but some interesting things as well :wink:

Also, I’m a bit stunned that I know John Muir because of a very funny “edutainment” section in the first Sam&Max computergame… :smile:


Yeah, I love atlas obscura. Haven’t consulted it for this trip yet though, thinking of spending a few hours on my 2-day train trip looking through it.

I’ve set up accomodations and travel, but I still have a lot of blank slates open. So, if I hear about something cool, I can hopefully find time to go see it :blush:

Well, I used to live in Portland (I’m now about 90 miles away on the pacific)…

Powell’s city of books is (imho) worth a visit, most other suggestions I would have are probably too far away to make it reasonable for you. Or too much my specific brand of unusual…

If you are interested in comic books visit Milwaukie and see the displays at Dark Horse Comics. (Large shop windows, nothing interactive)

Out of town there are a lot of film locations (Timberline Lodge, Astoria, Ecola State Park, Oregon City, Vernonia,…)


Powell’s city of books looks fantastic, thanks! It’s right by my hostel, and it’ll be great to grab some extra reading material before I head back, too.

Appreciate it!

Milwaukie is a MAX ride from downtown, which could be an adventure in itself. (MAX is the Portland area light rail system, downtown there is also the street car)

There are all sorts of odd things in the Portland area, but “The world’s smallest public park” doesn’t take long to see. The Unipiper is not always doing his thing (a unicyclist wearing a utilikilt, Darth Vader mask, and playing the imperial march on, sometimes flaming, bagpipes).

Of course, as I like Arlo Guthrie, I would have to ride “The City of New Orleans”, even if just to say I had.


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Any rough guesses at wattage I would need for a trickle charger to make up for a XACv2?

Interior of glass will likely take half off the top,
Then you have a 24 draw, and maybe 8 hours of available sunlight

It’s what? 200 milliamps? Call it 5 amps/day. 5 amps * 12v = 60 watts/day. 60/8 hours = 7.5 watts/hour. I’d oversize it to a 20 watt panel because you’re never really gonna get peak power.

I thought 100ma

Meh, solar is not a prospect I like,

Seems like a bandaid fix, why add a system to charge the battery back up… instead of just limiting its depletion

I need to figure out a way to turn it on and off from outside the car… there’s a small trim window forward of my side mirror, I could maybe drill a hole, and put a small momentary switch perhaps

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Oh, yeah. My bad. Well, another thing to consider is that your car is already bleeding power on its own… So you’re solving more than one problem. If you’re the sort of person that plans on leaving your car unattended for a week or more, it’s a great solution. If not… Well, you might not need to worry about the power loss after all.

That’s fair,

Just seems like the ability to turn the reader on for 60 second cycle when you need it would be a more elegant concept

I’ve had previous cars that if you pulled the handle on a locked door, the interior would illuminate for 1-3 minutes… that would be perfect, but my fiesta has cut that corner sadly

Totally. That was my plan with a PIR sensor but then you have to seal the hole… Think about car washes. They tend to use pressure washers. Nothing you seal it with will hold it up to thousands of PSI. That was the big nail in the coffin for me. (Read: I’m too lazy to hand wash my car).

The door handle thing is an interesting idea… You could potentially use a momentary switch in there… But you’d need to use a delay off timer, I think, because holding the handle while trying to use the XAC will prevent the lock from actuating.

has anyone actually tried a PIR sensor positioned directly up to the back of the glass in a car? it’s not like it has to work at 15 feet or anything… just a few cm is all that is really necessary.