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My circle of ham friends all bought these DMR Raspberry PI Zero based hotspots and use those with the cheap TYT HTs. Just not my cup of tea.

Yeah I just took the tests over and over until I was getting 90+% I actually took my extra expecting to fail because I didn’t feel I was ready but somehow I passed. lol. I originally got my Novice back in 1990… I was president of the ham radio club…because no one else showed up. They actually had a station at the HS. I had some AM gear (tubes!) someone had given me but with a novice you couldn’t do much, and the internet was just starting to come together which was more interesting than morse code… My ticket expired in 2000, but I got it again in 2010.


Lucky. Where I am we’re lucky if any sort of tech group other than robotics gets funded, funding seems sparse unless you’re athletics or robotics. I don’t know what bands you ran on but for me personally I see very little to no use for anything below 2M other than very long distance contacts without a repeater which is not really my cup of tea. I am more a fan of local repeater stuff.


Derail! Derail!

So I went the opposite way. You can get a cheapo FM 15W transmitter off of the internets, throw up a di-pole antenner and Bam!, Instant Radio Station.

Arrgghh! Me Matey’s! :skull_and_crossbones:

Of Course you’ve got to live way out in the sticks to get away with it. One little complaint and I’d have to junk the whole rig. Still, from the cow lot, to the fork in the road, I’m the biggest thing rockin’ around here.




Some amazing info being shared already.
Bepis, O’Daily and Turbo all hamming it up :pig2::radio:

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That sounds like fun. My grand master plan is to have a couple DMR repeaters at a facility out in the sticks with a bunch of heated garage bays, storage, server room, radio antennas, backup generator, you name it.


Yeah I had an FT-857 as my first radio. I barely used it. I think I made two contacts on it. I quickly transitioned to the higher frequency 2M and 440 mobile rigs. I have 900Mhz radio in the car as well. I think I have s 220 HT somewhere too. I also modded my FT-8800 to get into the business band (shhhh). My FTM-400 is sitting on my desk because it won’t transmit more than 10W and I have to send it in… but I’m lazy.


Don’t need to mod my 7550e to get into business band. :wink: It’s 403-512 from the factory.

What do you do on 900mhz? It seems like it would have such a short range and high coax loss for what it is compared to 70cm.

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Those 2 weren’t even on my Radarr [sic], I had never even heard of them until you mentioned them. They have heaps of potential, I had a play and set up an RSS feed from my torrent providers, AND the Unexpected Bonus was the compatibility with Synology Download Station.
I pretty much have these solutions in place through other means, but without them, I would definitely go for those two.

I couldn’t find any renaming functionality, although it is a good media player, My synology has a native player (DS Video station) that fulfills this need, But cheers for the suggestion

Not bad, but I found another similar, but in my opinion better option ( see the bottom of this post )

Not a fan, tried again because of your glowing reccomendation, a bit too clunky, which in my opinion is unacceptable in this day and age, But seriously thanks for the suggestion

I also found, “Name my TV Series”…Fail
tinyMediaManagerI might be onto a winner here , Sort Of, Not a drag and drop, but quite easy to use, decent GUI, has a scrape function… It is built on Java specifically for Kodi Media Center.
I will persist with this for a bit. As it is closest to what I was looking for.

I would still highly recommend TheRenamer for those still using Windows 7 ( if there is anybody still using it with no security support)

THANKS ALL for your suggestions, really appreciated


I have a Synology (DS418, 4 HDDs) but I’m far from this network speed.
What kind of network setup do you have?

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@SnarkBe Well don’t expect to get those speeds when actually reading/writing disks (even SSDs). Those speeds were from an NVMe drive in a PC to a ramdisk in the Synology. I have the DS1618+ which has a single PCIe slot… I put a Mellanox ConnectX2 SFP+ card ($30ea used on amazon) with 10GTek LC 10Gb fiber modules ($22ea) and ran Amazon Basics 30m OM3 fiber ($20) between (the NAS drive is on the other side of the house). I have the same hardware in the PC. I actually have 2 PCs so I have a MikroTik 5 port SFP+ switch ($130) near the NAS so the NAS to the switch uses a DAC cable. ($15)
10Gb networking is in everyone’s budget these days.



That’s better!
Windows 10, running Windows 7 On VM


Haha, that reminds me of me when I want to do or get something very specific.

I will go the most awkward route to get it :laughing: :laughing:


Anyone here like chess?


Haven’t seen anyone mention cooking in here yet. Anyone here consider themselves a home-cook? I’m currently transitioning between college life and the real-world, and so is my cooking. I made an entire 10-ish portion sized baked ziti the other day, and it was absolutely amazing. It’s definitely the most involved dish I’ve ever made, even though its pretty simple lol. Learned a lot, and next time I decide to make enough baked ziti for my girlfriend and I to eat leftovers of it for a week (but its so good you don’t get tired of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) it’ll be even better.


Went to an auction today. Sometimes I go and look for oddities. I kinda scored this time.

First, I picked up two geiger counters, a dosimeter, and it’s charger. All of which are ex Civil Defence gear from the 60’s. For those who don’t know, the Civil Defence was supposed to handle the civilian level emergency and aftermath of a cold war nuclear strike. (Presumably Russian)

Plus… I scored this cool old piece of glass technology.

Which turns out to be a turn of the century X-ray source. Don’t worry, it’s currently harmless. It needs stupidly high voltage to function. No Juice = Harmless.

Still. A Good day at the auction and some cool finds.


Man They are awesome looking, Great score

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wow, those are awesome! that x-ray glass thing would make a great shelf decoration or something. what are you planning on doing with it?


Gonna hafta figure out how to display it. It’s shape lends itself to hanging, but it’s not really the kind of thing that looks good hanging. I’ll figure it out eventually.

But it will definitely never be near high voltage. These things are kinda wild in operation. There’s good reason not mess with this old tech.