The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I did a thing.

I’ve never really contemplated repairing my own electronics, but the wife broke her screen.

It was fun and I’ve never done it before.

That is all.


Careful, it’s addictive. :smiley:
In a good way, of course.



It’s a very gratifying experience repairing your own electronics.

You can get stuff for cheap too, if you’re willing to repair them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You misspelled “Free”.

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My best friend and I often get Uninterruptible Power Supplies for cheap if they have dead batteries. From there we just buy the batteries and rebuild the dead packs. APC and EATON make some good stuff that is easy to service.


I can see that. I’ve always wanted to assemble circuit boards and stuff.

I kinda want to just do it on the side, it was $20 and 20 minutes.

Last time I had mine changed they charged me like $80

On a trip this weekend to dc, first time staying in a hotel since I got my xM1 and I forgot my proxmark


Dangerous Things need to create an implantable one, so that you can’t forget it. :rofl:


That’s why you get a flexM1 gen2 :wink:


Well apparently the hotel is using a mifare ultralight ev1…

So I don’t think the xm1 would work anyways

Now I wonder if I could convince them to enroll the uid from my purewrist desfire ev1

Anyone ever have luck social engineering a hotel?

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On no the tracking chip


Is it bad that I looked at the photo and thought “I wonder what size spanner bit they are using to secure that case?”

Wow Much secure,
Granted getting in a screwdriver might be complicated… have to go thru security

But not impossible… could easily put one inside my flashlight instead of batteries

Saw a pattern of nfc looking stickers all around a building I was walking by, casually scanned the next one and yep, ntag213 unsecured

I was so tempted to write a shenanigans link on one

I don’t belong in big cities… I’m still mad I can’t have my multi tool that’s always on me

But what was on it?

Guessing just a security point during rounds to make sure people actually did their job


Huh? Don’t tell me they freak out over piddly shit like that. I could carry a sword around and nobody would bother me. Ok, well someone would suggest I upgrade to this century’s firepower, but that’s it.

They might be a bit more tweaky about that in DC at the moment.

I can accomplish a lot with my Leatherman surge, and pouch… but yea I don’t think I could pull off a violent qoup de ta with it

Also banned is pepperspray and pretty much anything that they think could be used for self defense, :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:,

I don’t appreciate being made a sheep, because of Karen’s going :“but what if “

Fwiw…apparently the “hope diamond” was there?
I call massive bullshit… the single guard nearby would make Paul blart look like chuck Norris

There’s plenty of decent stuff from last century, and even tail end of the one before that had some repeaters

If you can’t manage a coup d’état then you obviously have the wrong multi tool. :laughing:

Have you considered one of These?