The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

So, this is a derail thread, so I can vent a bit here…
My dearest and me are going to a wedding in a few days, and it’s one of those “worst case weddings” - the husband is a close friend of mine, but it’s a veeeery romantic wedding, on a beautiful castle, all people dressed in pastel colours (!) (yes, me too - I own exactly one non-black piece of clothing now), and all people very conservative - I was already told that my scarification might lead to some strange comments, and that several people there are totally against tattoos and the like.

Well, but like I said, the husband is a close friend, so I try to make everything as good as possible. And I’m currently making the card for the wedding, already put a nice poem in (by myself, not one of those standard ones…^^) and now decided to take a look at what else one could write there. The internet knows it all…^^
And now I read all those congratulations, and they are soooo incredibly boring and interchangeable - who on earth writes something like that?

Guess I’m just not very romantic :smile:

I can’t help you with the poetry. But for the scarification and funny looks, I suggest you and your SO put on a horse costume:


That’s the sort of shit me and my missus would got for for shits and giggles, for sure. And our friends would totally get onboard - otherwise they wouldn’t be our friends if they was all uptight now would they?

Better: if you guys do that, you could totally write an equestrian-themed poem on the wedding card to go with it :slight_smile: That’s something your friend would remember for years.


I like where you are going Rosco, but you missed one important thing…This is more up Comas alley


I just LOVE your ideas! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
And the unicorn would even be pastel coloured, so it would totally go with the official dresscode!

Yeah, that’s the problem. The husband-to-be is a friend of mine - we were colleagues some years ago, and things developed.
His girl is nice, but totally not the kind of person I would befriend with - I like her, and she’s clever and all that, but she grew up like a little princess and still can’t really get along in the “real world”.
And all their friends and family are really conservative people - they would definitely not get onboard there. To be honest, the husband-to-be was especially interested in me because I was so totally different from everyone else he knew :grimacing:

Well we have helped with your dresscode dilemma, next is the moral decision.

He invited you
He knows you
He likes your “difference” / non-confirity

It is as much his day as his Mrs.
I think you should just speak to him, tell him your thoughts and concerns, as him what HE would be happy with…if that doesn’t fit with your morals, then simply respectfully decline the invite…


be a wedding crasher in this :partying_face:



Since the wedding was postponed twice already (thanks to Covid…), I had to make that decision quite some time ago already - and to be honest, it’s kinda okay for me. I accept the dresscode (well, it’s one single day, and the dress itself - even if it’s not black - is pretty^^), but the dress will obviously show my scars. If others don’t like that, it’s their problem :wink:
I like him enough that I do some compromises (like I said - for one day!^^), and maybe it will be some sort of funny - like, watching “normal” people, that’s a bit new for us :smile:
I’m just currently realizing that I am pretty untrained in all that social stuff. Let’s see where that goes^^


But is it as pretty as


Or this


Or this

Let’s not forget Your “other half”



My wedding 2.0 plans are coming online, so I can emphasize this

My 2 cents would be, see if he and his fiancé care about your being different effecting others

If the bride and groom want feathers fully unruffled, then play the game, It’s their day and all that

If they don’t care if you don’t care, then yolo and don’t care about the vanillas

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Pilgrim, where do you find all that stuff?
I’m literally having tears in my eyes now because of you!




Yeah, that’s basically my mindset. I don’t want to spoil their specialy day, so I can play along their dresscode and all that, it’s not thaaat important for me.

But I’d not cover my beautiful scars, that’s for sure :wink:

There is statistically zero chance you googled these images WITHOUT Getting far more than you bargained for… brave soul


I think you are really going to like this one


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Totally unrelated: it’s snowing. First of the season. Rather early this year even by local standards…

From what you said, it almost sounded like they were more worried for you than the other guests,

If that’s the case cut loose
(Just check first lol)

Oh yes, that’s a cutie!
Funny enough, one of my planned festival outfits (if festivals are going to happen again) is pretty much holographic / pastel pink / pastel blue, and I seriously think how to add a bit of kink. Guess that will turn out interesting :wink:

Guess I can always do that while being there, depending on the general atmoshpere and my mood :wink:

Sounds interesting! Mind to share?

I love snow, though this would be a bit too early for me :cold_face:

Thankfully everything has been pretty much contacting all the venders and giving them the new date

Wedding 1.0 was supposed to be right when covid lockdowns started, we tried to wait as long as we could but 2 weeks before the writing was on the walls

Snow for me means a lot of extra work every day to keep the driveway clear. Normally I don’t mind the extra exercise, but I’m in no condition. I gotta find me a service guy to do it for us this year.

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I know a guy


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Waited 3 hours and left. I just asked for a few supplies I didn’t have.

I’m available. You just gotta fly me out.

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