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Hmm well, BosnianBill has gone dark. Looks like he only makes private videos for his Patreon supporters or something. At least that’s my understanding from one of his last videos.

I’m honestly surprised the view count isn’t higher already.

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Oh, I didn’t realise, I just watch
I donated a few years ago…I guess like it still counts

I can’t snap the pic quick enough. Yeah. Will likely get a stitch.

Just bleeds instantly

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Almost a cm thick? Ish

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I will see if I can tape whatever they do. I imagine 2 or 3 stitches and a butterfly


Ooohhhh, PRETTY :butterfly:


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I like Deviant Ollamh (not always security related, sometimes he talks about food and drink). He kind of shills stuff for his store but it’s not irritating, unlike LPL who has definitely switched to “You could use any pick, but I’m using this one that we sell on our website”

The other one I like is the not so civil engineer. He has been less active recently (since he started working for LPL) but his videos are very educational.

Neither of these are pure locksport as they both work as physical pen testers, but they are interesting none the less.

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I don’t really mind LPL becoming what he’s become

His content isn’t really locksport to me, it’s a running compilation of really shitty locks and security products that are laughable

It’s not good content for recurring, but more sporadic lulz

Most of his viewers don’t want to watch the struggle but laugh at the 5 second bypasses

I do genuinely love his covert companion, and am super pumped about the new turning tool module for it, say what you will about the standard lock pick stuff every lock pick store has… that’s a fairly new and decent tool… if a bit spendy

And Deviant…

But yes I watched him from his first video, quality content

Wow, It looks shit to me, But I have never used one.

We have discussed this here before, even LPL looks awkward using it.

Interesting to hear an unbiased opinion on it…unless you have a choice supportive bias…:wink:

I just crank the screw tension down once I select the tool I want, then is pretty rigid

I made something very similar from a TOOOL lockpick card and some southern specialities extras before LPL produced his.

The Covert Companion is fine, I actually prefer my home brew version though.

Haha opposite for me,
I built something similar before the covert companion was out…

It works, but a lot less tools, and it screams cobbled together,

More tools in the same space, and it looks well put together to please my ocd

About the same number of tools in about the same space, also held together in a key bar.

Add the Longhorn tension bars and a spare hair tie to hold them to the tool and you’re golden.

Deviant’s talks are interesting. I learned quite a few things from watching them, none of which having anything to do with picking, infosec or pentesting. The two best lessons I got from him were how to behave well as a business (not that I’ll ever want to start my own business, but it was interesting nonetheless) and how to de-escalate tense situations on rent-a-cop jobs (and no, I never find myself in those situations either, but that too was interesting).

The man is very skilled at human relationships - one might say social engineering - and there’s a lot to take from what he has to say. And gee, that’s probably why he knows how to plug his products in his videos and make it an enjoyable experience at the same time, unlike LPL.


Top, Covert Companion, 20 tools.

Bottom, Home Brew, 17 tools.

I don’t have as many comb picks on mine, but to be honest it’s not a bypass I use much. I forgot I have some warded picks from sparrows on there too.

They are the same length and width, mine is slightly deeper, but I could fit at least one more pick on there and still have them all separated by one washer each. The Covert Companion has fewer washers, so I am sure I could get them down to the same dimensions if I cared.

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Honestly I never got the appeal of Lishi tools. I got a cheap set of wafer jigglers for like $10, and they work just as well for most automotive stuff. They also work across a ton of different types of vehicles instead of me having to spend $50+ for a Lishi pick designed for a very specific type of vehicle. I just don’t see why people would spend money on them.

Thanks for reminding me that you did that! It’s about time I finally steal that idea :stuck_out_tongue:

The ability to decode a lock in place mostly

You pick it, and then you can cut keys

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Go for it. I didn’t copyright the concept, and I doubt I was the first person to think of doing that. I actually like those TOOOL picks. I get what you are saying about jigglers, they can be a lot of fun.

The one advantage the Lishi tools have is that you can use them to decode the lock and cut a key from code. Handy for locksmiths but not much use for anyone else. Of course a pro can impression a lock fairly easily too. Another skill I keep meaning to learn. I understand the concept, I just need more practice.

Impressioning involves sticking a blank key in the lock, turning it, pulling it out and then filing away where there are marks. You keep doing that and you end up with a working key. No picking required.