The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Very odd.

Can you try logging out and back in

I also changed another variable, in your profile, so if the log out/in doesn’t work, can you please try the guidelines and TOS again…

Clear the cache.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?



It seems like it is a browser specific issue. I installed the app (which it kept telling me to do after I logged out/in) and read the guidelines/TOS in that and…

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Well done!

At least I now have proof.

Sheesh, I’m kind of annoyed with LockPickingLawyer: ever since he opened his web store, each and every one of his videos is a thinly disguised excuse to hawk his shit. It’s really not interesting anymore.

Oh well, I guess I can’t complain: I don’t pay anything to watch them.

I had the same thoughts…it’s a shame really

But hey,

As an alternative, You should watch some other videos…Just Sayin’

The ad-ocalypse on YouTube really ruined peoples confidence in making stable money off of YouTube. I hate how many in video ads there are now, but I know people need the income.

It’s like the old adage
“I went to the fights the other night and a game of Hockey broke out”

“I was watching some ads, and a video started playing”

Do you know what videos I have been watching that dont get interrupted by ads…

These ones

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I’ve been playing this video nonstop while I’m at work. Usually if I’m Active on here I’m at work.


I get that, and on many videos, I don’t mind the ads too much. Well I do to be honest, especially when the content creator goes out of their way to weave them cleverly into the narrative, so that by the time you realize they’ve switched to the money-making part of the video, you’ve already wasted 30 seconds of your life.

But in the case of LPL, he doesn’t use interesting content and advertise his products in it: he actually carefully select the subject IN ORDER to plug something. And it’s not interesting at all: always the same crap padlocks to sell his jigglers, car ignition locks to sell his Lishi tools (thank God he finally gave the fucking Lishi tools a rest incidentally)… And here in his latest video, he “revisits” a fingerprint scanner, but the sole purpose of his “revisiting” is to sell his magnet.

It sort of grinds my gears a bit.

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Don’t use scissors to cut things, that are meant to be cut with other things kids.

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Ohhh, ouchy…Thats a good amount of blood.
Any stitches needed?

Hey BPV, Show us your gash :wink:

If you were watching videos instead of playing silly buggers, that wouldn’t have happened…Just Sayin’

I’m going to stop dropping these :arrow_heading_up: link now, It was funny ( to me ) at first, now I’m starting to annoy myself. :rofl:

So the last one ( for a while )

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I haven’t watched LPL’s videos in quite a while. I’m sad to hear that its like that now though. i always liked his content.

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Do you know what you SHOULD watch…:wink:

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Yeah it is really sad. Oh well, there are other good pickers who still do locksport videos.

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I have always been a fan of BosnianBill, I don’t know why he isn’t AS popular as LPL.