The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Gee, and I thought I was lazy…

Then again, now you have a Top Gun switch on your wall. It’s worth doing just for that :slight_smile:

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You should flip it around so you have to pull the protection down, then pull the switch up with your pincers hahah

Edit nm… forgot how those work

That’s the problem when you get used to having a footman to do these things for you.

Most of the commonwealth countries switch down for on ( Canada being the main exception )

Isn’t it reversed for you down under?

Not just laziness, I’ll admit The idea of my hand in a garbage disposal, is borderline paranoia

Hollywood has burned into my head what happens,
The switch cover only adds a smidge of safety

Like you could cut the cord with snips in front of me and I’m still going to super hesitant to try to fish anything out of there


Up for on sounds safer, less likely to be turned on by something falling…

But lots of different building codes based on region

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Healthy reflex.

I have the same sort of problem with knives: I am deathly afraid of knives - or anything that cuts really - due to my hand accident as a kid. I really recoil af anything that looks sharp, to the point that I impose only rounded children knives in the kitchen drawer, otherwise I won’t even open it. My family hates me each time we have steak.

Where as I used to juggle knifes when I worked in a pizza shop for my first job,

As always it’s funny the lines we draw in our heads

Cut? Meh… grind to nub? Hard pass

It depends on your life experiences. I also have the same fear of dogs for the same sort of reason, and it’s even worse, because the damn dogs feel that I’m afraid of them and they immediately become aggressive around me, which makes me even more afraid, etc… I really have a hard time trying to look unconcerned when I meet a dog, despite my fear, to avoid triggering the vicious circle.

I love this! Would save me more than a few 3 am heart attacks fumbling for the light switch lol

Amazon getting kind of rigid on deliveries. For awhile they kept suggesting I get deliveries on a “Prime Day” that I would select. Then they changed to recommending I get deliveries on a pre-selected Prime Day (Wednesday). Now I get deliveries on Wednesday no matter what I select.

Their logistics must be severely strained by the borked supply chain and shipping situation.

Still kinda grates that my 2 day delivery is now Wednesday only.

I see your AI is Fallout based.





Don’t fucking remind me, I’m pretty mad I somehow missed a day around 240

I don’t know how, because based on my circadian rhythm, I browse both when I wake up and when I go to bed, which means I should hit the site at minimum twice a day,

Also I hit it whenever I’m bored, so really it’s like 20 times a day

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I just read an article from LA Magazine (February 2021) about “biohacking”.

It isn’t about implants or technology, instead it is about having an ozone enema, sitting in a cryochamber and taking supplements that they are hoping to sell to you.

Does anyone here consider themselves a biohacker and if so what do you do that that article mentions and how does it work for you?

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I just had to look. It’s been 14 months since poor Satur9 was all alone as a Devotee. There are (currently) 10 of us now. Quite a jump really.

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It’s lonely at the top

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It took a lot of work.

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