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I’m actually not sure I missed a day now

The visits page is borderline broken for me, it never shows the correct selections

Day = year
Year = week

Or something like that

Looking at the numbers I don’t think I’m missing anything in this quarter… but maybe I’m wrong

It doesn’t work right on mobile. On desktop it works correctly for me.

You haven’t missed any this quarter, but you missed one last quarter.

I thought it was THIS quarter I was supposed to have missed :-/

I’ve been checking it somewhat obsessively (as I do everything), and I think it was within the last 2-3 weeks or so that I noticed your quarter resetting to 92 instead of the 91 it had been on August 17th. Since it’s rolling, I guess that’d put it probably in April or May that you missed a day (Maybe first few days of June at the latest).

Note that the Discourse definition of quarter is odd, as it’s a rolling definition (the last 3 months as of today).

I was hoping maybe we made a mistake, or my time zone made it show weirdly till it rolled over

I wonder if I missed my birthday somehow, that would be stupid

Yeah, I wish that I was wrong haha, I’ve been weirdly stressed about missing a day (especially during my train trip). I’ve come really close on certain days to not hopping on the forum.

Sidenote: While looking through the user data, I realized that in the last year, I’ve read more posts and topics than anyone else on the forum (even more than Pilgrimsmaster :wink: ).

It’s likely due to being obsessed with keeping everything on read, but I read every single post made.

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I know I missed a day last month as I was tied for the year with @darthdomo. I was so busy and tired from helping my friend move I didn’t check my phone for over 24 hours.

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I remember you mentioning that we shared a forum “birthday” of sorts. I’ve still got 7 days to fuck this up, and the next week is absolute hell for me (two exams, multiple projects due, and multiple lab assignments). There’s a non-zero chance I somehow miss a day lmao.

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I didn’t read the whole article (what a great sentence to start an answer…^^), but I know some of the stuff mentioned there. I think if it makes people happy (and rich people a bit less rich, at worst), it’s all fine. I guess they feel better, and quite a bit more in control of their lives, and that might actually lead to living longer or at least with less health problems.
Some things aren’t that new, to be honest - putting myself into an “industrial freezer” might have pretty similar effects as icebathing in the north, dunno.
People have searched for ways to remain healthy or live longer for a very long time now, with various strange methods ranging from ozone enemas or bloodletting to meditation and transcendence, and some had great results - not necessarily living longer, but at least living a happy and healthy life.

Me personally? I try to take a somewhat “holistic” approach - not such a fan of isolated vitamins and the like, but I take a spoon of Astragalus powder each day, for example. It has shown some interesting effects on various allergies, and, in some studies I’m just too lazy to search now, has shown a reduction of the shortening of telomeres - those short thingies at the ends of chromosomes that have a lot to do with death of cells, aging and all that stuff. The plant powder is not really expensive (unless you buy capsules, as always), tastes totally okay and has no harmful side-effects, so I might just give it a try. At worst, it just spices up my morning cocoa :wink:
Plus, I try to sleep enough, take good care of my body, try to eat at least a bit healthy and keep a good mindset in general, be it through meditation or just a long walk in the woods. I wouldn’t call myself a “biohacker”, still… just someone who would like to live maybe a bit longer, so I can spend more time with the ones I love.


I consider myself a hacker in the “noble” sense of the term, before it acquired undertones of piracy and unlawful activities - i.e. someone who takes stuff apart for the sole purpose of understanding it and/or repurposing it.

I don’t consider myself a biohacker, because I have zero knowledge of biology, self-taught or otherwise. Biohackers splice genes and manipulate the living. They open up flesh and marry it with technology. I can’t do any of that, so I’m not worthy of the term.

But I can have it done to me by real biohackers. So when asked, I say that I dabble in biohacking - which is subtly different. When asked why, I say that it allows me to pursue amateur research in human-machine interfacing, and experience for myself in very limited ways what the future will feel like one day. I hack stuff around me for that purpose, but I can’t do any of the “bio” stuff, sadly.

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I am too lazy to find it, but there is a way to track days consecutive I believe. It would be more work on Pilgrimsmaster i believe though

Can’t really believe I’m second, but also I’m totally a lurker here :rofl:

Yes I do, but in the original sense of the word before it was co-opted by the supplement/alternative medicine crowd.

I tried to interrogate them about what biohacking actually is on the r/biohackers reddit awhile back. tl;dr they said red light therapy, breathing exercises, and spiritual self-actualization were “real” biohacking, while implants and genetic modification were not.

After that I’ve basically given up on the term and don’t use it anymore in favor of grinder, which is more accurate for what I do.

I checked out the Netflix series “biohackers” to see what kind of media people were going to be getting about us, and it actually didn’t have any alternative medicine. It was mostly DIYBio and then got into the evil of germline cell modification because they always do. There was one pretty faithful grinder, but he was portrayed as reckless and idiotic. I don’t have much hope for our image.

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I love how on the Wikipedia page for biohacking, they only briefly mention supplements.

Also, Amal gets this:
Amal Graafstra is known for implanting an RFID chip in 2005 and developing human-friendly chips, including the first-ever implantable NFC chip.[26] In 2013, he founded the biotech startup company Dangerous Things.[27] He is also the author of RFID Toys[28] and speaker on biohacking topics, including a TEDx[29] talk. He has also built a smartgun that is activated by his implants.[30] He has created an implantable cryptographic processor called VivoKey[31] for personal identity and cryptography applications.

While Josiah Zaner who is purposely trying to make a big splash with the ODIN and such gets just this :joy: :
Josiah Zayner attempted a full fecal microbiota transplant on himself in February 2016.


It was indeed a bad picture, but I still found it funny looking back.
I often think about how to move the perception of biohacking.
And I believe marketing in the usual sense doesn’t work. Ads about microchips? Who’d click that? Digiwell gets mentioned online? Tons of sceptics / christians commenting bible stuff.
All the interviews and blogs just catch the people that look past the negative image.

The only thing that would help shifting the image was giving Keanu Reeves a free Apex.
By giving tons of free implants and installs away actually. (And Amal did that a lot already at conferences etc)
I really think that only by seeing people use implants, you can convince people that would otherwise be very sceptic.

Some beautiful day a BTC millionaire will join the forum and invest in VK so it can actually tackle the huge problem that is marketing implants, I hope.

We have had opportunities to do that already, but Amal doesn’t want to bring venture capitalists in until we have very specific goals in mind that they can latch onto (and I agree). If we just took any old investment they would accumulate share in the company and dictate how we run the business. Vivokey/DT are a movement first, business second. We can’t have capitalists come in an ruin it before it has even truly begun.

We’re here to make money, but only as a means to an end. We’ll make biohacking safe and accessible to more people, and we’ll do that with the capital and influence we accrue through the business ventures. Venture capitalists and investors just want the capital.

To be fair that LA magazine article did mention implants very briefly in passing near the beginning, it just wasn’t the focus of the article.

The focus was the “guru” types based in LA with the snake oil. One of them even goes as far as to say that double blind trials are meaningless as long as whatever quackery works for you.

Two sugar pills are more effective than one, but a saline injection is even more so for the placebo effect.

I wonder if shoving a tube six inches up your arse to deliver ozone is more effective than only five inches. :roll_eyes:

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That’s why you’d want a fellow grinder whos just also a BTC rich kid.
I was actually just referencing one of Amals tweets were he said" where are the BTC millionaires" or something like this.
I agree you do not want a usual investor, you rarely want when you run a business afaik, but in some markets you need huge investments.

Shifting the global image of sticking tech under your skin is definitely a million $ type of thing.

I imagine a capitalist in this game would release implants too soon, not go the extra mile to polish antennas, not risk the bad PR by making safety advisories… I like DT/VK how it is, no one else should have a say. But theoretically to tackle the problem of the general perception, a couple hundret mil would probably do it.

If you want to promote implants, you need to show real ordinary people with ordinary jobs, earning an honest income, going about their ordinary lives enjoying the benefits of implants. Something moms and pops, plumbers, accountants and other ordinary Joe Blows can get onboard with and say “Hey, I’d like that too”.

Implants need to become mainstream. Right now, in the eyes of the general population, it’s something fringe people do. Bitcoin millionaires are are not the answer. They’re also fringe: they’re not normal institutional investors, and their wealth is dubious at best. The last thing we need is more fringe. Unless of course the Bitcoin millionaire provides real investment money in actual dollars and refrains from talking to the press.