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Funny enough, my beloved one works together with exactly that kind of people - nice guys who grew up on farms on the countryside. People who never had any interest in bodmods, biohacking, self-improvement and the like, people who love to go on traditional fairs and drink tons of beer there.
And when he told them about my implants, they were actually interested - like, what do you do with those things? He told them they would finally be used to open the door to our house, and they all said that this was a very practical good idea. After all, you never lose your keys again, and you’ll always get into your house if you’re totally drunk :woman_shrugging: :smile:
So there is a pretty down-to-earth approach, at least here - if it is useful, it’s a good idea. They don’t really understand why it has to blink as well :wink:

That depends on where you live though. Germany is usually a place where people are quite open-minded. So are the folks down here where I live. It’s really quite enjoyable to talk implants with them - and more importantly for me, what they’re useful for. I would certainly keep my trap shut about them in other parts of the world though.

But even boring old me with my suit and tie and totally normal appearance can’t convince the majority of even the most open-minded Finns that it’s something they could enjoy too, and that it doesn’t require being slightly unhinged to attempt it. Only one of my colleages at work has expressed any sort of serious interest in getting implanted too, for practical reasons because of his disability, and even his genuine interest was rather tepid.

That’s what I mean by implants not being mainstream: no matter how you spin it, no matter how much you seem mentally all there, no matter how practical what you do with your implants is, people would never consider joining in. It’s not mundane enough, like getting earrings or tattoos, despite being essentially the same thing as far as bodymods go.

It’s all a matter of perception. And I can tell you, people around here take a dim view of the whole cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, and it would not help their perception of implants if DT was funded by bitcoin money.

The important distinction in my view is the difference between a VC firm and angel investors. Those angel investors don’t have to be cryptocurrency millionaires… But they tend to be more thoughtful and flexible in terms of founder vision than pure returns like a VC firm tends to be.

The rigor that a VC firm brings however, could actually be quite helpful… But I do feel that rigor and mission and vision are something easily molded and formed internally, and the downsides to accepting VC money tend to outweigh the benefits in my view.

The important thing for me is to establish a good relationship with any investor, and understand that we are on the same page when it comes to the overall mission.

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Angels are fine - depending on the angel. Don’t ever dance with VC though: all the companies I’ve worked for that got VC money disappeared within 3 years.

But you know that.

The subplot to pretty woman… I know it well

Ah… I never watched the movie. Is that the plot?

Anyway, VCs exploit the company for all it’s worth and run it to the ground. That’s part of the reasons why I left the company I worked for in Belgium and moved to Finland: when I saw who was investing in it, I knew it was time to get leave the sinking ship. But this time the VC investor didn’t even get their money’s worth, because Rona killed the company first. Ah!

Yeah basically he’s like a corporate raider and private equity firm that comes into a company and then splits it up and sells off the bits… very much like what happened to Toys r Us here in the US. Anyway, at the end he has a change of heart because of the hooker he fell in love with and they decide to actually invest in the company and build ships… much to the chagrin of Jason Alexander

I’m sold. I’ll look it up on VoD tonight :slight_smile:

I only ever saw the parody of it in Alsacian (which is a weird mix of French and German). It sure won’t be funny to anybody who doesn’t speak either French or German, but maybe Coma will enjoy some of it:

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This is pretty much me. I like the idea but I need a use case. I don’t see a need to implant a device because I need an implant, it’s what I can do with it that makes it worthwhile. I use a dual frequency RFID ring at the moment to unlock my front door. This is a lot harder to lose than my keys, and pretty convenient. But is not an implant.

I suspect that the majority of people would consider wearables before they consider implants, but I could be (and I frequently am) wrong.

Fellow lock pickers,

I’m trying to build a ring of common keys,

I can’t seem to find a tsa007

I’m sure someone makes one, what gives and or any points in the right direction?


The keys seem to be very similar

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I’ll give one those a shot,
I’d previous bought a tsa 007 keyed lock, but the hitting was somehow different

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Do you have access to a 3d printer?

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I do, but I was preferring metal if possible… I’d rather not snap a plastic key off

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Worst case, you could always do a lost-PLA casting in aluminum…

I’ve had luck with the 3D printed versions (it’s fun opening my luggage the “secret” way), but even in something like PETG, they’re essentially single-use. Maybe with PC filament it would be possible to make a durable print, not sure.

The ebay ones linked by @Backpackingvet look good though, from my (shitty) memory they look correct. Probably the best option, if you haven’t found it on any specialty sites.

I haven’t, which I find bizarre

They’ll sell a ch751 but not a tsa?

Tbf CH751s are incredibly easy to come by, I bought mine on amazon (one of the ones meant for RV doors and cabinets).

TSA keys are a little more specialty, and even though AFAIK there’s no laws broken by selling them, I’m sure some places a little too afraid of potential legal action.

I just thought of a great (asshole/anti-authority) concept

Design and build a cheap little bullshit tsa lock look alike,

But instead of opening, it captures the tsa key
Your lock will 100% be cut off, but you take their key out in the process

Lock level mutually assured destruction


I strangely enjoy this idea very much.

I hoped you might

I realIzed, you know how you will spend an inordinate amount of time/energy to automate tedious tasks?

I will go far out of my way to make things as difficult for tactless authority