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Yeah I dig your approach. The problem is, it’s kind of a losing battle in the US: the size and inertia of the tactless authority makes your efforts essentially pointless.

I like Deviant Ollam’s approach: he flies with an AR15 lower or something in his case, so by law he’s required to put a proper lock on his luggage, and the friggin’ security theater detail is required to have him unlock it himself. That secures his case properly and annoys the shit out of the TSA.

There are many examples of TSA locks never actually being utilized… In fact the lock picking lawyer did a whole video about how a gun safe could not actually be opened with the TSA key because of the way the toggle was designed internally… It was simply impossible to open with the TSA key because it was blocked from turning the correct direction. The fact that this gun safe is still actually sold today tells me that the TSA just cares that the TSA lock is there, and they don’t actually use it. Just by its existence they figure whatever is inside is fine.


Doesn’t mean I have to roll over…

And certainly doesn’t mean I won’t fuck with them at every available opportunity

Unfortunately that’s no longer the case these days
He gets his “gun” locks cut off semi regularly

Oh really? I didn’t know that.

More proof that Uncle Sam is slowly sliding into full 1984…

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If you think it’s just the US your deluding yourself

Well yeah, China definitely has a leg up on the US in that respect. The key difference is, they don’t pretend to be the beacon of freedom and liberty.

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This talk about physical security got me watching @DeviantOllam videos again and I was a little surprised to see @Eriequiet safe featured in a little talk he did.

The feature is at around 59 minutes.


I had been in contact with dev forever ago during the project to pick his brain a bit,

He wanted to use it in a slide, I said permission granted just give me a warning if it’s the “look at this dumpster fire” slide

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Carrying a lower is one option, tossing an athletic starter pistol in is another. Pretty much anything like that is unlikely to actually get you in trouble anywhere but does require you to lock your luggage properly.

Bruce Sterling also makes a point of mocking security theatre. You can only carry tiny bottles of shampoo, but if you wear contact lenses you can carry a full sized bottle of saline. He has been known to carry two bottles marked saline full of liquid. When asked why two he simply said that he had two eyes. :man_facepalming:


Totally off any subject, but I couldn’t help myself earlier at a Killers concert, when they played their song Human, I was probably the only one singing the lyrics, “Are we human, or are we cyborgs, my sign is vital, my hands are chipped, and…”. My crazy mind just thinks of stuff like that… :wink:


@mrln @Coma

I have an off subject question.

Are they worth it? I have recently bought Lime Jolly Ranchers, and I was looking for a new kind of Lemon or Lime Candy, that isn’t so “American Sweet”

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I have never seen them anywhere and never ate them^^

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Ah. I ASSuMEd you would. Nailed it.

I have no clue - I saw them, somewhere, but I never had the chance to try them.
For lemon-y-candy, I sometimes really like those:

Lemon, filled with some slightly tingling powder stuff. And the name says something like “Good mood candy”, which is always a good thing to have.

Downside: they stick on the tongue piercing frequently, and after 5 or 6 of them, my palate is almost bleeding :smile:

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That’s half the fun sometimes

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This is why we toil, though. So that future people don’t have to deal with all this rigamarole, they can just have nice things without a struggle.


Have you heard?
Ivermectin is SO last week.

We’re one step closer to actual bleach injections. How many people can earn one Darwin Award?


Wouldn’t inhaling horse dewormer be twice as effective? Them folks ain’t thinking it through.


You forget we already had that when Trump said something to the like.
Oh and that MMS thing where people drink watered down industrial bleach.

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If I wasn’t so disgusted by the whole thing, I’d invent a harmless “preventative” in the spirit of Di-Hydrogen Mono-oxide, so the idiots wouldn’t poison themselves.

It’s bad enough they’re willing to hurt themselves, but they always have to try and take everybody else down the same bad path.

I do wonder though, if they could invent a vaccine pill, (and maybe not call it a vaccine publicly), would the antivax folks jump all over it? I really think there’s some psychological angle about needles / shots powering alot of this.