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I think it’s at least in the US it’s the culture war. If the left likes it the right hates it.

If you brand it as the patriot cure it would for sure.


So funny you mention that. The day or two before he touted hydroxychloroquine, we started a research study on it.

He should have just been honest, as he would have been immediately, more likable. Just say it’s being researched.

Imagine a different world were the far Right laid claim to the Pfizer, and the far Left laid claim to Moderna. Johnson and Johnson being used for hard to treat populations like the homeless.

This shit woulda been under control and past tense by last summer. (northern hemisphere)

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Imagine a world without far right or far left, and people with a decent education thinking rationally instead of acting like morons.


Politics 101
Quietly fund all options, Personally claim the proven successes, and disown the failures.


The opposite its also true

How do you suppose we got here?

How do you suppose we fix it?

It’s actually quite a bit worse than side A hating what side B likes

If you don’t support side A in ALL of their goals, then you must support ALL of side B goals

If you aren’t constantly playing devils advocate, and questioning and challenging your own bias… you’re pretty much adding fuel to the fire

But that’s not popular for the above reason

I sort of agree with you. But 95% of dis-info and culture war BS comes from the right. Which all of the anti science nonsense is rooted from Oil companies trying to discredit global warming.



I don’t think it’s so much the people’s fault, as much as it is the governments/media/social media manipulation.

Yeah, that bit gets me.

Let me shart at your mouth open, with and without a mask. See what happens.

That sounds like bias to me

Generalizations like that perpetuate the divide and culture war

Trust me, there are plenty of idiots on any side of a political discourse.

Somehow, the idea of vaccination became politicized and people who have their polio shots and tetanus shots somehow think the covid vaccine is a democratic plot of some kind? I don’t know… But never assume that the perceived differences in intelligence today along party lines will persist… dummies are everywhere.


People a lot smarter than I are unsure of how to deal with this. Honestly I believe the general distrust of governments/democracies ability to solve our issues the worse it’ll get.

I agree, however there has to be a reason for that distress… if you think about why a person might distrust the government, there are some legitimate concerns that occur… but in countries where they do implicitly trust authorities to do what’s best for their population, those governments rarely give reason to doubt that assumption… other governments, not so much.

Tuskegee anyone?

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Very true. But this hyper partisanship is recent in America, like it’s never been this bad.
It’s the culmination of years of disinformation and worsening economic conditions for the average person coming to a head.

The Us government has done a lot to remove their credibility. So you end up with everyone regardless of party disliking the Government, the politicians and the hyper wealthy. And they wildly disagree on how to address any issue, it makes things worse.
And every bit of adversity we see from now on will most likely deepen that divide. Any economic crisis, global warming caused disaster or refugee crisis, every election cycle will become more and more heated.

Not even remotely related to this.

You could have said MK Ultra also, at least that one is fun.


Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too

Imagine all the people
Livin’ life in peace…


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