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Back when I lived in Edinburgh and Casey’s was still around I used to love their lemonade chips. (lemon flavoured boiled sweets). Unfortunately they are no longer in business, but maybe Acid Drops or Sherbet Lemons would be worth trying.

If you can get your hands on Claeys candy, I would highly recommend it. They’re an Indiana company, so I’m slightly biased, but IMO it’s some of the best hard candy/boiled sweets made today. Their lemon drops are quite good, but my favorite is probably their root beer candy or their Horehound candy. The wild cherry is really good too.

You can get them easily and cheaply on amazon, but occasionally they turn up in retail stores (especially shops focusing on old-fashioned candy). Not sure if you’ve ever seen them in your part of the country.

They frequently turn up in places like Coastal Farm and Ranch, Wilco,… Over here in Oregon.

They are pretty good, but not quite like the boiled sweets of my youth. Some of Casey’s sweets were unique to them and the lemonade chips appears to be one of them. Others like Kola Kubes, Soor Plooms, Winter mix etc are readily available.

My wife loves the Claey’s Cinnamon ones though.

Very much the same here in Germany. We recently had someone getting shot in the head because he, working at a gas station, asked a customer to wear a mask (mandatory in shops here) and refused to serve him as long as he didn’t. The customer walked away, returned with a gun and shot the guy who stood behind the counter.
As if this wasn’t already bad enough, on all those fucking conspiracy-/far-right-chats, people are actually cheering at that asshole. Saying he “set an example”, and that it was important someone “stood up” and all that bullshit. If terrible things happen, here or anywhere else, it’s always those guys from the right side who cheer at people dying. Who cheer at people drowning in the mediterranean sea. Who cheer at people who shoot Jews or anyone who’s not tall, white and blonde.
Yeah, we have quite a history of far-left terrorism in Germany, and we still have a bunch of radical left people, and as soon as violence is involved, I think both sides of the political spectrum are idiots. But people who are happy when others die make me sick.

A little thing that still surprises me - the not-so-far-right, at least in Germany, is called “conservative” often, and yet it’s mostly those people who vote for massive capitalism, unlimited industries and give a general fuck about climate change and all that, while the people who are a bit more on the left side actually try to “conserve” nature and all that. Pretty absurd, in a way.


I think that is the key word.
Whether somebody leans left or right, who really cares?, but when it goes too far one way aka. radical.
That’s when shit goes bad

But still, I’m so surprised that many strange ideas, like many (not all) conspiracies, denial of climate change and a general indifference towards nature, fellow animals and all that are mostly (again, not always) spread among people who are more on the right side of the spectrum. Not being radical, but still spreading really stupid ideas. That’s one of the reasons why the far-right managed to take over most of the german anti-vaxxing-conspiracy movement, which wasn’t really political at all in the beginning…

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Which is funny because a lot of Anti-vaxxers are Hippy like, so, more Left leaning…generally extreme.

I think the left and right share stupidity equally :wink:

I also think comes down to Semantics

the Right : “Others must not interfere”
the Left : “Others must Observe”

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Death to all fanatics! - Malaclypse the younger.

This actually got me wondering if there was a TSA lock that works with implants. As far as I can see the answer is no, and I’m not sure how it would work as a reader usually needs a power source, right? Or would such a luggage lock be a prime candidate for a new product?

~ Jamie

There is supposedly… but why?

I’m looking at this product page on the Digiwell website, and I’m a bit uncomfortable with the name they gave the xNT:

“BioMed-Data” eh? That flirts a bit too close to trying to create confusion between an xNT and an approved medical device in my opinion…


Ok I gave and I’m gambling 30$ on a Amazon nfc lock

I’m only 50% confident, but I’ll return it if it’s junk


Please let me know. Would genuinely be interested to see if it’s any good at all. At $30 I would assume not.

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good luck




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They invented time travel and they’re using it to sell sandbox hosting services?

Some people have such small ambitions

Yeah, kinda weird what they did there with the xNT. Nonetheless, I think the concept of the medical data is pretty cool, reminds me of the Verichip. With an xNT it would obviously have to be used to gain access to a medical database. I’m thinking most people’s records would be too big to fit on the chip. But maybe hold security certificates for access to a database? I’m sure our group here could design a much more robust system than the original Verichip thing. :wink:


I think it’s sad and disheartening that it seems like pulling teeth to get people to take a vaccine that is free and readily available here. It does kinda make me a bit angry as well. It just seems like some people actually enjoy keeping the pandemic raging. I’ve already decided that I’m definitely going to be getting a booster shot as well when I’m eligible and don’t care if I have to keep doing it at least once a year too.


I try not to rage on them, cause that won’t help anyone. But away from them, very angry.


I’m past rage to the point of…almost pity. At some point they were hurt by misinformation, and that’s usually a whole different part of a bigger issue.

It isn’t worth being just angry about it all the time. I try to generally ask people “what would make them change their mind?”
I mean, we’ve been studying SARS vaccine since like 2002? When it happened in China?

I just think this whole ordeal in America, is making people in America see America how it really is, and people don’t want to confront those emotions. They want to stick to the identity of America when it was first founded. The “FREEDOM” all the while, just, hurting fellow Americans.

for fucks sake, people at my local school argued against mask because of the “CaRbOn MoNoXiDe”