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halfway done Tattoo


I see your one legged stool and raise you with “only cops should have guns”



That Tatt even looks good half way done
:crab: :japanese_goblin:

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I was in bed the day after my second shot of Moderna. Afterwards tho, I’ve been healthier than ever. It was so much better than what the virus can do. I’ve already lost 2 people that I know in the last couple of months to Covid. I got my third shot of Moderna scheduled already for a couple of weeks from now.

I tapped out. That’s 4 hours of work, and I was so uncomfortable. I could have laid uncomfortable or had the tattoo uncomfortable.

Both beat me up

“Nora’s Crab”

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I’ve just spent 2 hours setting up an ACR122U on a machine I still had to log into with a password. Normally setting everything up takes me 10 minutes tops - I’ve done it so many time.

But… no matter what I did, I couldn’t get no read. Like, the LED stayed red. The thing itself wouldn’t read.

I tried another reader…
I tried to tweak the CCID conf file (whaaa???.. never had to do that before…)
I recompiled the kernel with the PN533 module disabled. Normally rmmod’ing it is enough, but who knows…
I went get the latest and greatest pcscd daemon and rebuilt it from scratch…
I looked around everywhere for a fix…

No go.

Then a friend of mine came around and asked what I looked so pissed of over. I grabbed the ACR122U, shook it in the air and told him “I’m trying to get THIS turd to play ball, but no matter what I do, it won’t read. Look…” I put the reader on my hand and… beep

And then it hit me: oh… metal table:(

I want my two hours back…


If only I could get the years of my life that have been wasted by abusive beurocrats back…

Lost time is one of those things that hurt a lot.

Could get a ferrite polymer pad to set it on :slight_smile:

Or ideally cut it to size and put it inside the case.

Anyone here good with spray paint?
I’m historically pretty shit at it, and trying to finish up a print nicely for once

Used the sandable filler primer,
Fucked up and went heavy for 3-4 layers
With half hour in between layers

Sanded, but it’s still a bit soft… but for once it’s not tacky like it usually is for me

Beginning to worry the heavy layers won’t dry because they have no air

Would a dehydrator oven help?

I taped it to a block of Post-it notes. Admittedly, it’s more ghetto :slight_smile:

Not sure there’s enough room in there. We have rolls of ferrite rubber strip at work, and it’s like 2 mm thick.

Is it specifically meant for metal shielding of magnetic coils?

The pad that Amal linked to is 0.13mm thick. Perhaps you can find something similar locally.

No. I’m not sure what it’s for. I saw the rolls in the warehouse the other day and thought they might come in handy some day.

Yeah maybe I’ll play around with that stuff. But in the meantime, the block of Post-it notes works well at zero expense :slight_smile:

That ACR122U is yet another one of those readers I pepper my environment with to avoid typing passwords one someone else’s computer. It has my name on it, it’s set there temporarily, and I’ll remove it when I’m done messing around with that particular computer (which isn’t mine).

I find it convenient to spend a few minutes installing an NFC reader where I know I’ll be spending time logging in and out for a few days. When I’m done, the reader goes back to the pool of loaners. I must have 10-12 such readers at various places. Crucially this one will stay there for a couple weeks, so I’m not sure I want to spend the time modifying to work on metal surfaces.

The material is specifically made to “redirect” magnetic fields so it kinda needs to be manufactured for that specific purpose… as far as I understand it.

Considering spinning an R&D lab off of dangerous things to exclusively explore new product development… thinking about




Yeah maybe I’ll get a sheet to try it out. Just to see how it affects performances if nothing else. Who knows, it might make the reader even better.


You already have your AI engine.
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That just reminds me of the first line of one of my favourite books, The Crow Road by Iain Banks.

It was the day my grandmother exploded.

Basically the biggest mistake people make is going too slow and making super thick layers that don’t dry very fast. The trick is to go at a good steady pace, and practice overspray… so start spraying before the stream contacts the target, sweep over the area, and spray past the end… then stop spraying. This leaves a consistent layer without any variation of speed over the entire length of the sweep. Keep your sweeps well spaced from each other with minimal overlap until you get full coverage. Then if you need more coats start again and do a second set of sweeps… the first sweep of the first layer should have had time to dry. Only go 2 layers per session. Give it good drying time… heat is your friend.