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Not using springs, but 2 contacts bent at a extreme angle to just kiss the battery when inserted

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I work with this young guy. He’s an actual Electrical Engineer. They’ve got him working more in a Mechanical Engineering position, mostly cause he’s the only one available. Guy reminds me of a college frat. Super social, all about the buzz, no substance. He’s the guy who in a group project would keep everything jazzed up without ever contributing anything.

The Senior engineer that he was working with retired, and he was one of those guys who thought that teaching someone else made himself less valuable. This means the young guy is now in the deep end of the pool without being able to swim.

I was asked to work with him, which in reality meant mostly doing his job for him. I didn’t mind and helped the guy out wherever I could. But, there are some parts I couldn’t help with. For ex, I don’t have Catia access, so drawing parts for new machines was something he had to learn quick. (He still tried to get me to do as much of that as he could.)

About 2 weeks ago, he comes to me with some questions. Clearly he’s frustrated with having to draw in Catia. This is where he always tries to offload his work. Anywho, after looking at what he’d done so far, there were some pretty glaring errors, which I had to point out. He tried to ignore and go around. I tried and tried and tried to lead him back on path, and he was determined to get me to come up with some quick and easy answer that would make all his problems just magically disappear.

Keep in mind, I’ve dropped everything I’m supposed to be doing to help him.
Dude blows up in my face, has a little rant, then goes to my boss to complain about me. He’s copped an attitude a couple times before, but never quite like this.

When he showed back up later looking for another handout, I politely but flatly informed him that these were his decisions to make, and that I would happily make whatever parts he drew, if they were capable of being made. And that’s been the story ever since. His work load has completely halted, and now some of the other engineers are being called in to cover his load. Sooner or later, they’re going to have to move him, cause he just can’t get anything done now.

Maybe I’m a cruel bastard, but I’m just sitting back and watching the ship sink.

A lesson in not biting the hand that feeds you.


Saw this article online…

You could have an NFC vaccine passport… Just like @anon3825968

I am not sure what is so astounding about this story.

Nah… From what I can tell, he was probably a somewhat pretentious recent graduate. He’ll have to learn that he has to keep learning…

Not really pretentious, just expects to be spoon fed.

Still reminds me of that Latin proverb…

Quod natura non dat, Salmantica non præstat.

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Reminds me of a recent gun maker I was sort of working with… the machine shop I was with, was just me and the owner… we were half gunsmith half machine shop… and we’re helping with the initial run of the serialized portion

A fiddley skeletonized square…

The designer was a NEW engineer and picked his perfect alloy from a book… we were like… you know that ONLY comes in round stock right?.. you know if you use ____ alloy it’s virtually the same… but plentiful and comes in easier sourced and… not round

He decided he needed that exact alloy because he knew better… didn’t like the quote

He also wanted to nitrocarburize the thing for a stupid amount of time… we were like… ok you think we’re stupid… they hear great guy who’s been doing this since before you were born says there’s no way you can hold the tolerances you want… but by golly he knew better

My personal favorite was there were a couple slots for spring legs to lock into,… he wanted the slots to have be held to like .001” and have a radius that would require a endmill that we would burn through hundreds of… rather than letting us use a standard and common radius… all for a fucking spring leg they would going to be a hotdog down a hallway anyways

We eventually backed out of working with them, and then the company pulled the same shit with a production cnc place… and they took the stance of… fuck it, it’s your money…

Let them make shitty parts… which they overpayed for… they ALL eventually broke… all the guns needed to go back… but the company didn’t have the money to get new serialized parts made… company imploded… and a fuck ton of people didnt get guns back

Super bummer, because it was a pretty cool design and I wanted one… but I knew better


Went ice-fishing on the lake yesterday. So peaceful:


Catch any good ice?

Da-du-DUM! :roll_eyes:


No but I got my feet wet: we’ve had a few days above freezing last week, so the ice melted on the surface, then a new layer of ice formed on top of it, but the entire layer of water hasn’t frozen over entirely in some place.

It’s rather unpleasant to be in the middle of a frozen lake and feeling the ice give and water coming up, even if I know I’m not gonna punch through.


Is anyone here well versed with Windows powershell?

And Microsoft Skype for business?

This came today



I think waiting for a review might have broken the AI

If your referring to the coupon code they sent forever ago, yes it worked, $50 off.

Lol no, I’ve been waiting to find out if it can read and write to a x series

One of the creators or staff is on here and claimed it could read but all I ever saw was silence on can it couple good enough to write

I guess I can reveal now that I got this:

Got it 4 days ago, said not to share so I didn’t. I was able to place my order 4 days ago, sad that it’ll take until Q1 2022. Was hoping to get it at Christmas.

Oh… I see I misunderstood… I thought you had product in hand…

@amal can you give a go/no go before I place a pre order?

Also detail…

I was given this

Jokes on you if you think I won’t eat it

My goal is now to eat it in front of as many people as I can, and make it crunch as loudly as I can while eating it


I also pre ordered, but have not received the email to finish it.

Here is the LINK, just plug in your unique coupon code.