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What does NFT mean again? :sweat_smile:

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Anybody have a way I can log time and date of reads on an ACR-122U to a text file that I can leave running continuously for ~a week

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I could throw a Python script together in a few minutes. How often do you want it to poll (in case you need to leave a tag on there for more than a quick tap)?

Any preferred format for the output? Other than just:

2022-01-24 14:28:10 (insert tag UID here)


That output format is fine. It would be nice if it could poll every 5 minutes for one use case where the chip is constantly in the field, but in the second use case the chip will be removed from the field and reintroduced once every 500ms or so.

I have windows 7, 10, and Ubuntu computers available. I was having trouble getting PC/SC to run on Linux though. Ideally I could use a raspberry pi, but I don’t have my hopes up about that.

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@darthdomo was a big help, and provided me this this nfcpy script.
logger.txt (877 Bytes)

We hit a snag though. There seems to be some kind of issue with nfcpy and newer revisions of the ACR-122U

It would be great if I could log using the windows utility SmartPCSCDiag that amal gave me. It has a “Save Report” function that does everything I need, but it doesn’t allow me to save reports automatically on an interval. (305.2 KB)



Yeah, its not the best, and mildly offensive. But if you have never met a Flamingo, this describes them perfect.

Try this (windows 10 tested) if you want to of course.

Instructions (TLDR)

When you run it it will start in systray.

  • Right click and select config.
  • Set which reader to use and set file location.
  • Click done.
  • Right click the icon again and select start logging.

A file called “PCSC-Log_xxxxxxxx.csv” will be created where you told it to save (note xxxxxxx is a time date stamp of start of test).

Every scan will add a line in the format (25-Jan-22 23:07:07,04:8E:78:61:8C:3A:80)

Once a scan fails the test stops with a pop up and logs the failure to the file to.

Test can be stopped manually when running by

  • Right click and select stop logging

Edit: if your dubious about running something thats compiled the project is on my github here. (115.8 KB)


This encouraged me to get my ACR122U working on my own system. I’ve found that the PCSCD service will interrupt communication between python and the reader. I had to run systemctl mask pcscd.service to keep it from randomly starting up and borking my script.

on a side note the guide I found said to install pcsc-lite from source which subsequently prevented firefox from running correctly. It is really only useful for testing to see if the reader works.

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As usual! ^^

Yeah, had to do the same here, but then it borks up my other readers (i.e. I need to manually start them, and that does bork up the ACR122U).

I’ve just given up on that reader for Linux. or most things with enforced PCSCD stuff. =/

That error seems similar to one I used to encounter even on older revisions.
repeatedly calling the ACR to do stuff over short intervals seemed to always lead it to time out after a while (and not recover even restarting the script).

I tried many things but the best results I had were from AUR’s version of nfcpy wich goes down the pyserial route instead.
But even then ACR122U was still flaky, so I switched to a Teensyduino connected to an Adafruit’s PN532 and got much happier.

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Is there a way of telling how many consecutive days I’ve visited the forum? I thought “Days Visited” was a consecutive counter but I haven’t received the “Devotee” badge yet. Does this mean “Days Visited” is a grand total?

Unfortunately not.

You assumption is correct.
Must be consecutive, and the counter is a little hinky…it’s had us all scratching out heads on occasion.

If you want the badge, I would suggest you visit a couple of times a day…


Or convince Amal to upload you and live on the forum, just like @Pilgrimsmaster did… But please, if you succeed, get me uploaded as well. :gear:


I work with a bunch of nuts who lap up all that fringe conspiracy crap. Today one of them blurted out that the mayor of DC had committed suicide. (zero idea if that’s accurate).

One of the other guys shouts from across the room, “Was he a Democrat or Republican?” with, I shit you not, glee in his voice.

That, my friends, is a single sentence encompassing so much of what is wrong in America today. No sorrow, no acknowledgement of the staggering pain this person must of had, or effects it will have on anyone who loved him, just an immediate jab right to the heart of whether it can be used for political advantage.

Fucking people.


The Mayor of Hyattsville, a Maryland suburb outside of DC committed suicide. He was a Democrat, but as you said it would be equally sad no matter what his political affiliation.

Yes, American politics seems to have become a team sport. Push for “your team” no matter what. Make sure that they “win”, whatever it takes.

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I’m seriously considering not voting in the next election

Maybe primaries, but I fully expect both candidates to be dumpster fires and the worst each side has to offer

Why would I want to pick one of those?

“If you don’t vote for X your helping Y” fuck that noise


In my case I don’t have much choice for what party to vote for. All the politicians in my area are garbage and its like trying to pick through manure to find one that smells the least bad. I still vote simply because I want to try and help make this garbage state a little less garbage. It sure feels like a loosing battle though.

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A quote I heard a long time ago that seems fitting

Politics is like having 2 handfuls of shit, and having to decide which to put in your mouth


More than that…

As soon as we’re being presented with only terrible options it should be our duty to voice out that we are not happy with either.

In electoral politics, voting Null is the only way to actually voice out quantitatively that you’re not happy about either side.

Just imagine the revolutions that could be set in motion if 50%+1 of votes were null?