The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I’d…kind of…. Love to see a “they all
Suck” option on the ballot… and if enough votes anyone on the ballot is removed from running and the election is held again

…but I also don’t want to deal with any more elections that I have to

There’s always 3rd party, not that it has a realistic chance… also the last couple looked half decent until it got to the wire then they both shit themselves… sigh

Wait, some countries don’t have that option!?

Well, if you’re not going to vote out of disgust, voting for a candidate who doesn’t have a chance would cause no harm.

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Apparently Alaska is going to a ranked final four format. With no primaries as I understand it.

In theory it breaks the cycle of being presented only the most polar extreme choices. It’ll be interesting to see in the next cycle.

Thank you!

there is a lot of stuff going on in my life so i dont really have a free head to setup my proxmark but if im ready for it i will get back to your guide :slight_smile:

yesterday i started getting experience with uv tattoo ink and did some trash tattoos.

i cant wait to see how they turn out when healed

also discord deleted my account which still pisses me off…


In some countries, that is the null option, actually.

one of the most common processes:

  • blank votes go towards the candidate with majority of actual votes
  • Null votes go to no one
  • If no candidate reaches X% of votes, the ellection is cancelled and a new one must be held where none of the previous candidates are allowed to participate.

Some countries have modified this principle, others removed it completely… but most democracies have/had a mechanism just like that one. And it’s built around the null vote.

Hence why candidates demonise the null vote so much and spread so much misinformation about it: they are terrified the masses might learn how it actually works.

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Final BVP update:

I finally got around to buying it it’s own domain, so there’s a new link for those still following along:


I voted for bears.

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But Penguins have air superiority!!


I would appreciate an elaboration on that point…

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Just like other birds, and also children, Penguins can fly!

I mean...

If thrown hard enough, that is.


Time for the bears to build trebuchets…

Also, mind if I add that to the arguments page for the Penguin team?


Go for it!! XD

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I shared it on Facebook.

There needs to be an epic picture that shows. Idk enough about it to know what you need, so here is a pic.


I’m working on a poorly made gif of a poorly drawn penguin smacking a poorly drawn bear with a mallet for the 404 page, that outta work

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Modern art:



That is beautiful.


Has anyone taken an EMT course? I’m debating on switching up careers, again, to becoming a paramedic. I’ve got a few questions about being a student. Would love to to DM the questions and talk through parts of EMT school. Also if someone works for a 3 letter agency, I’ve got questions about medic careers and requirements within those agencies. Info is somewhat sparse on that from what I can find with my google-fu skills.

A friend of mine just finished school for it, I think he was going for paramedic not just emt, If you want I can put you in touch with him


That would be awesome! I’m planning on EMT to get on an ambulance, and if I like it, then start paramedic school. Both are offered by a good medical school just north of me with the same instructors. And I know EMT can be great or awful depending on employer and location, but I’m more worried about if I have the mental fortitude to poke people or perform under the pressure of affecting someone’s life even if It’s not a life or death situation. I think I do and can based off of other jobs I’ve worked, but it was under the pressure of millions of dollars at stake, not someone’s life or well being. Two completely different things and I’d rather dip my toes in with EMT before going to Paramedic school. And I know I don’t get to poke people as an EMT, but it’ll help let me guage myself.

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I enjoy the engagement within this community. It’s quite friendly and joyful.