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Think we could ever get NExT with a magic ntag216?

Grey market, chip shortages yada yada, just wonder if its ever likely

Even though I don’t currently use any ntags for authentication, I sure wish I had the ability to clone the uid


How do they even make them?


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I don’t know about magic 216, but when the FlexMT was announced I asked about it and Amal said:

No, they actually make them in a fab… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Magic NTAG

Now if they would only share the Magic with Amal… Or do we need to get a conversion service done on these puppies?

That’s an option if you want to get one sooner than Soon™… Provided that the chip capacitance matches one of the antennas that Amal has available.

The xMagic ( If it happens ) will be close to that, actually better in my opinion.
xEM and xM1 combo.
Still 1k memory, changeable NUID, the only problem will be for iPhones where the NDEF likely wont be recognised.

The NExT2, ( If/when it happens ) will use an NTAG I2C Plus chip, So still not what you are after, but thats next :wink: for the NExT

Given the alleged properties of the magic NTAG I think it would be at least as good an option as the xmagic

The problem is the range.
An xSeries would likely not even work, but would be awesome

Amal wouldn’t even sell me a MagicFlex :flex: because he wasn’t happy with the performance.

The only implant that chip seems to work with is the FlexMN :flexem:

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So the magic ntag has less range than the standard ntag?

Is this a chip thing or a tuning thing?


I imagine the crypto1 algo uses more energy than just ouputting NDEF, so there’s less energy for the “reply”?

“Meta threatens to pull Facebook and Instagram from the European market”


Bump, where all my cyborgs at?

Seems quiet lately without the detail chatter

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Checking our inboxes for your wedding invites…

Trying to carve a rock to resemble a pleated pillow.

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@Backpackingvet This needs more explanation…