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There are definitely lots of regs about species and sizes. Those red ones are a mini species of snapper. Can’t remember the name he said, I’ll edit when I figure it out. We did throw back a lot of fish that were undersized. The 4 in the middle are Amber Jack. The two on the sides of those are Trigger fish, the one on the right is a little longer than the required minimum length.
We had a fish ruler on the floor of the boat and a measuring tape as a second check to make sure they were all legal.

Edit: Vermilion Snapper. Unlike me, they have to be 10 inches/25.4 centimeters.
I know some species have a length limit, some have a weight limit, there are max quantity limits, as well as some species have different times of the year that you’re allowed to catch them.

I’m gonna be eating fish for a while, my grandparents don’t want any, and my dad doesn’t like fish. He’s taking a couple fillets, we left 2 handfuls with the captain and mate of the fishing boat, and I’m taking the rest lol
Here’s just of a half of the fillets XD


that’s the first time I have heard of a weight limit for fish.
I imagine it would be quite difficult to get an accurate measure of a live wriggly fish on a moving boat…

thanks for the answer


It might be a weight total weight limit that you can catch of a specific species. They do make a bunch of these fish scale thingies that you can hold or hange on the boat and put the fish on it.

You’d be surprised

Fish fluctuate between freak out mode and play dead mode

There’s also various different fishing licenses, almost no reciprocity between states, and prices explode if you are from a different state etc

I stopped fishing due to the my state making it a nightmare and raising prices

There used to be the “basic” fishing license and the expensive specific fish license

Nobody got the expensive one, I would know I used to sell the licenses, dnr claimed everyone always got it anyways, so bundled it all together costing 2-3x the price

Same kind shit for hunting licenses… now in order to get a small game, you have to buy small game, fishing I think, 2 deer tags, and some bird license

Government at its finest


Yeah, but unless you are on a flat and stable surface, aka ashore, you are not going to get an accurate measurement, so if it’s not accurate, why bother?
Close enough is not good enough when it comes to fisheries (wildlife fish and game)

and its obviously even less accurate when it’s flopping around,

you can test that yourself, hop on some scales on a boat…

I’m assuming this is for fresh water with you being in the MidWest, and you don’t need a fishing license for saltwater fishing?

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So it looks like the weight limit regs are more for the legal max quantity that you can catch, not the individual fish or the minimum requirements.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen far worse

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Apex vivokey ring available for purchase? Is there a link for the ring or the actual chip itself ?

not yet. is probs the website where it’ll be sold, I guess.


Check this out! Prosthetic eye turned into a flashlight! Almost makes me want 1 less eye :joy:


Recently checked my YouTube comments “Held for review” section.



Posted already in a separate thread : Bionic Eye Flashlight

Although Cowbaby posted in here first though
14 hrs ago, the thread was 13 hrs ago



new vimpay formfactor on digiwell o_O
(I assume vimpay)

“For Decoration Only!”
Ah yes.

And it uses reviews from another implant (old formfactor), wow so trustworthy.

Also, why call something FlexPay1 when the successor isn’t called FlexPay2?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very cool product IMO.

Digiwell is such a strange site…
I mean, yeah, it’s a cheaper way to get DT stuff without all the shipping fees and all, and we all know the quality of DT is fine, but Digiwell itself looks soooo shady! Most of the page is trying to sell some snake oil or other stuff that is a) overpriced or b) useless or c) both :smile:


Why did I even look at their website!?




I don’t think so. They literally tell you it’s just an overpriced metal straw lol

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