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Depends on the materials. I’d think aluminum and titanium not steel parts… if so then it’s probably not going to be an issue.

That’s exactly what I did both times.


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“FFFFFF” lol

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This looks uncomfortable as hell…


somebody missed the how to use scissors :scissors: lesson at kindergarten

But, if its ugly and works, thats all that matters…Thats what my Mrs says to me anyway :frowning_face:



It does look uncomfortable… I wonder if you can feel the corners once it’s under your skin?

TBH, I’d rather get a conversion from his Amalness but I don’t want to have an expiration date on a body part. Hopefully the Apex will get payment support one day but I’m ok with carrying a wallet.

Maybe I’m weird but I do think that RFID implants do become a part of you in a few ways.


The OP *claimed they trimmed it better after the fact… I think otherwise… also there’s a pretty good shot of them ramming that sucker in with metal hemostats


Just as I was trying to get some sleep… Biofouling is the sort of thing that can give a cyborg nightmares!


A bit of a silly question if you don’t mind.

I am about 10 years away from retiring but looking at going earlier. I am thinking of doing a master’s degree in cyber security or something similar. Basically something which will let me set myself up to work from home and at greatly reduced hours.

I am guessing there will be people here who have similar qualifications and/or experience. Any advice as to what field or area to consider going into would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

There are a couple that could probably answer that for you, but I think @Equipter is currently studying for that field (In the UK), so he is probably best placed to give you some up to date direction.

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I got the qualifications, but unfortunately don’t have the answers.

I got a B.S. in Cybersecurity, and Triple Minor in Information Technology, Information Systems, and Computer Science. Yet, I have no clue what I want to do yet in my life lol.


Get in cloud security. It’s getting huge.

I work with Microsoft Azure. I’m not a cybersecurity guy but it’s everywhere in our processes. Microsoft has tons of free material at Microsoft Learn, and you can easily book a training (virtual or physical) if you made a course with a trainer.


Those jagged edges are hurting me just from looking at it!! O.O

But the sterile version looks almost as if there wasn’t any silicone there, so maybe it got rounded between first and last pic?

Do like the whimsicality of the heart shape, though…

That’s quite close to my field…

If you want something to reliably bring income, at the moment the hotshot field is “Devops”, as in “Cloud Based Platform Engineering”.
It’s the tech role in highest demand and, consequently, which pays better (at least in today’s UK)

It’s less glamorous than it sounds. Has a lot of “setting up config files, clicking a button and seeing what happens”, but it does also keeps quite close to heart to cyber security best practices…

And if you lose your wallet in a big city at the moment, odds are you’ll get it mailed to you together with your contract for a devops role! :sweat_smile:
Seriously, recruiters are desperate!

Cyber security on the other hand has been declining in demand. Mostly because a lot of what it’s requested has been covered by Devops (not best way to do it, but who am I to judge)… or because there haven’t been any big cybersec scandals lately.
On the other hand, a comprehensive Cyber security course should set you up to work in Devops as well.

Pentesting is one of those “who you know” fields, unfortunately. Unless you go for bounty hunting.
In which case you work for free until you score a bounty… and then you pray that the company will honour that and pay you! (Lately quite a few bounties have been ignored by the companies setting them. Think there was a recent lowkey scandal with an android bounty… haven’t kept much up to date there)

I think one of the biggest issues with Cyber security is that at the same time it’s hard to showcase what you know to a recruiter/HR person while at the same time carrying a heavy load of responsibility.
So similar to working on C++, it falls into the trap of “Entry level Role: Requirement: 15+ years of experience in this tech that came out yesterday” (hence why it tends to be a “who you know” kinda job)

Now, despite my somewhat dark tone…
It is an intriguing field.
You would learn a lot of very handy stuff and the skills covered by a good cyber security course should be transferable into a bunch of other similar fields.


Thanks. Great advice. I will certainly take it on board and do some more research. I don’t really care what I end up doing, so long as it keeps me in beer and wine!


I agree. I get about 5 offers a week for the moment, as the market is apparently looking for a lot of Azure experts they don’t find, at least in Belgium.

I agree with DevOps being highly in demand, and it also included some part or a lot of security, hence the DevSecOps name being thrown around too.

We build a lot of stuff from code (IaC) and try to include security aspects in everything we deploy, either best practices or company requirements. Lately we’ve been asked to consider more green aspects too, like deploying in low carbon score regions for instance.


OK, I probably shouldnt be sharing this publicly…

I will keep the details light and vague.

You are just going to have to trust me on this

You will be interested


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