The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I suppose I should drop this here

4 Likes has expired ? :astonished:

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Just wanted to pop in and say yes, I’m alive, and I really hope everyone is doing well :slight_smile: I pop in occasionally to browse new posts, but I’ve been having some health issues (physical and mental), and been a bit busy, so haven’t been in a productive mood for hobbies…



Good to see you, miss seeing you on the regular

Hit me up if you ever need… or hell I’ll settle for want lol


Damn it, I was just thinking about dropping you a “How the Fuck are Ya?” just yesterday, but I didn’t, but I should have…


This popped up in my YouTube feed

I know these were only briefly mentioned in the forum, But if my recollection is correct they worked well with an implant, but we haven’t seen a review on them, and they are not in the Matrix.

She is a pricey bitch though…

But, if anybody’s in the market for one and this looks like something that will suit your purpose don’t forget to write a review #reviews and i’ll add it to the Matrix

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While im at it,

these guys have a good variety if options and of course RFID operated (or or wouldn’t be sharing here)

And better pricing in my opinion

Wait I just realized I’m not DT club anymore what happened? Does it just stop like that without notice? I’ll check my payment method but this is weird, I wonder how long ot has been

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I kinda want to have microscopic artwork inside of me… But it’s not like I can tell if there are any RFID chips with this sort of thing on the die.

Might need to decap a card or two and get a microscope. :robot_gundam:


You should be


Just let me check the club members

Everything looks fine at that end.

I guessing from your post you cant access the club threads?
Is tgere an error message? or just cant see club posts?


I fixed it by changing the payment method
Thanks for checking :pray:


Love seeing that lady casually pulling out a large fuck-off revolver from her purse in that video. Thanks for the laugh. :laughing:

Might have to look into it. Been looking for a nice clock for my nightstand and finding a better way to secure my firearm nearby. The safe in my closet is nice, but no lights to illuminate the keypad is kinda rough, and just having it out in the open is not ok even in my bedroom.


To derail the derailment thread, I’ve been tempted to “upgrade” to Windows 11 thanks to some software I want to use on the Windows Store blocking access to Windows 10. Anybody have any good/bad things to say about it? I’ve been testing it out on my laptop before updating my desktop, so I found out the hard way that it does not support the taskbar on top of the screen. :frowning:

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I think the style looks nice, but I think having the Hornady branding visible is not the best design choice

let me see if I can find the post that mentioned it, it was just a passing comment, so it may take me while.

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apparently not

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Didn’t you know? Women can only use revolvers, and can’t wear proper holsters

Sighs in socially burned out instructor language

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I know it’s HOR - NA - DY…

But every time I read that brand, my brain insists in adding an extra “DA” in there… :smirk:

so… might be a handy conversation starter! :sweat_smile:

I reached out to Hornady and TimberVaults to see if they would send me some open box units for testing.


Yeah sorry about that.
Anyone feel free to claim the domain once it’s released, I won’t get it back from porkbun as I’m still banned.
Kinda happy I was able to get at least my most important domain off there with help of customer support…
If anyone here grabs the domain and doesn’t point it to a pr0nsite, I can help point it to the original GitHub page.
Or we let the joke die


I know this was a long time ago but it just so happens Technology Connections just released a video about it. A simple water heater is more clever than it seems - YouTube