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Here’s the product page and marketing blurb.

Not saying it can’t be done as they claim, but that sentence alone makes me pretty comfortable that they probably collated data from a single car considerably close to their device in order to generate the data for said brochures…

I mean… considering that EM fields are spheric by nature, the further away you are from a target, the more targets you will hit.

So you need either a pretty neat triangulation system or a fairly narrowed down (blinders style) system to ignore all the fields not coming from a specific line…
And this is still thinking only about the devices which actively emit their own signals (such as Bluetooth)

Now… I wonder how strong would a field emmiter need to be to be able to trigger passive tags from the distances they showcase… and then consider if said intensity wouldn’t affect negatively other devices…

Yeah I think they mean pet trackers like gps collars and air tag trackers… not the chip implants. Marketing people put that brochure together and probably don’t know there differences between those and pet chip ID implants.

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Yeah, I will take a stance.

War is Hell. It only benefits the rich in the end. The military is fed by the poor. There are soldiers in America that receive state benefits because they can’t even pay them enough.

I would go the mercenary route if I did anything again. I could pick what conflicts I fight for, which side, my pay, and that pay would be significantly more than being enlisted.

If I had to give any suggestion for a career route, it would be in the trades. Electrician, Plumber, Masonry work.

Edit to add Government work. If I became a Mailman at 18, I would almost have 20 years in, and have earned a pension plus benefits by now. Hindsight, 20/20


Too good to live in the lounge.

I made it a Wiki


In my email inbox:

“It was OK I guess but it wasn’t the book on Rubber Fetish Inspired Dildo Toys I was expecting”



One thing that I fail to understand is why some people who get into self help nonsense idealize the military and have these crazy ideas about discipline and that everything can be fixed with discipline. It’s not a lifestyle that I’d like to have TBH.

And while I know that I’m not patriotic in any way, I’d rather move to another country than get drafted into a war. In fact, I already moved because I knew that things were going to get really bad where I used to live and I’d do it again if I had to.

as long as you dont walk in front of the reader …
After teh tin foil hats, i precent you the tin foil gloves :rofl:

Lets shop at tractor supply :grin:


No, nope, no, no way.
Still can’t wrap my head around the whole ivermectin thing.

You don’t want to use some worm dehorser? It’s good stuff!



Some of you will think that I’m crazy, but I don’t want an OS with built in AI, or with anything that watches over me, local or not. Especially not from “Open” AI, the name of that company is misleading and their leadership is associated with a “philosophy” group that has cult like characteristics. FFS, they are crazy enough to have explosives in their datacenters…

TBH, I’d rather have true open source when it comes to AI. And many other technologies for that matter.


Conversely, I’d think you’d be crazy to want something like that.


Haha, you keep popping up just at the right time

You will be conspicuous in your absence, you used to post quite frequently, than dropped off to ~once a month and when I start thinking about dropping a “how the fuck are ya @StarGazer1258 '” you post something…

Now you have posted twice in 5 days
…So I dont care how you are anymore :wink:

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Working on 4 different types of conversions in a single batch!




Not too big… just a bit wide.


What’s the performance equivalent to?

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I’ve become a very active lurker, haha. (In fact, I should be coming up on my devotee badge in less than a month). I haven’t been keeping up with RFID/NFC stuff as much lately, so I’ve been leaving the technical questions to those who know more.


If I ever feel lonely and unloved, I’ll stop posting here for a while knowing that you’ll care. :smiling_face_with_tear: