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at the time it was a really great tactile. Very smooth, big thock. Feedback and activation were perfect.

Now there are so many better options out there. My current favorites switch between the Anubis’ and the Boba U4T. just excellent feedback and response with a crist thock.

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god I don’t want to go back down this rabbit hole, but I live for the thock. I do have a few unbuilt macro pads… hmmm

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i have an unbuilt Zoom75 thats been calling my name for ages. my daily is a Satisfaction75 that i absolutely love. I switched from the Boba U4t to silents because work was complaining my keyboard was too loud on my mic.

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haha zoom needs to get on that thock canceling audio filter.
I’m dailying a 75% I fixed up from a friend. It’s some chinese board with a decent aluminum case that I threw some box navy’s and box jades on. I’d really love a good split keyboard, the VE.A design was game changing imo.

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I have a spare satisfaction 75 in white I built about two years ago I’ve been meaning to sell but I can’t stand the snob of mechmarket anymore.

If you’re ever interested lmk. Millmaxed and modded to the core.



Oh that is pretty - would match my computer color scheme. Whats your asking price?

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The product says it is also battery operated


What is the Voltage on the battery 12V or 24V?


Battery looks to be 3 18650 cells or something similar… I’m sure there’s voltage voodo tho…

I’m guessing this things toast at this point, I’m only annoyed because I made sure it worked and got my dog excited for it, and then it decided to self terminate before it even got used

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Nominal is 3.7V, but charged is 4.2V
x 3
It will be a 12V supply


No, the negative is the side with the cross hatch.

If you want to get an ElectroBOOM moment… Check the voltage across it with a multimeter and you’ll see that it’s either correct or completely dead. Electrolytic capacitors will work backwards, just not for long.

The original capacitor had a voltage rating of 16V, that’s a maximum. So you’ll need a 12V power adapter and I’m starting to think that I know why that capacitor exploded… Let’s hope that power supply didn’t take out anything else.

This would still be incredibly helpful, I managed to find some information off an Amazon review but more details would be extremely helpful.

Li-ion? In series? Without a battery management system?


Apparently, some units have a second board, can you post pictures of how everything goes together?

Also, is it ok if I ask the forum AI to move the dog ball launcher posts into their own thread? It’s getting a bit hard to navigate.

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Funny, now I know why something I thought was a spark plug didnt look right.


Oh god no! You’re supposed to smoke the cotton swab, drink the alcohol and then clean the pcb with your heightened state of mind.


Yea I’ll post in better detail,
I have to try to fix my lawnmower today,
Hopefully I’m less of a bafoon with that… but we are on weekend 2 already… so that ship may have already left the port


Not sure what the problem is
I’ll give it another try a little later


Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for the FLEX.

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Well I at least managed to fix lawnmower today, that helps me feel better at accomplishing something

I’ll probably sit down and have time to document that board layout if you want @enginerd

That being said, suspecting now that it was overvolted… what are my chances I didn’t blow the rest of the board in the process? Kinda don’t wanna waste your time if it’s a lost cause