The flexMN batch is now open!

Just to be clear, it was the flexNExT… the NExT is an x-series injectable and has no issues.

Ah, yea, I always forget just how much more antenna the lf need compared to Hf

As a ham, I’ve always slacked and avoided antenna construction as much as possible

I’ll just buy it thank you


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Also very interested in a second batch, I will be missing this. (Haven’t completely paid the titan yet lol.)


Just out of curiosity, if someone was to purchase this without having an installer lined up, how long can the larger flexes stay packaged without becoming compromised?

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Any possibility of the wedge factor (without the T5577 ofc) with one led as a custom? Because I’m all here for it. Even if it’s without a blinky, I’m hella excited. I’ve been waiting on an implant similar to this.

This is a useful thread on that topic.

Sounds like many months at a minimum, but practically much longer.

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I imagine that’d be a custom one, like Eyeux’s xDF2… but that means it’d be 10.2mm wide at least, making needle installation much harder.


Good question, if you needed to, you can repackage it and put some more / new chlorohexadine until you are ready.


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This is actually quite a good specimen to be honest, but still potting with epoxy is still a good idea.

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Not really…

For maximum field coupling the LED modules needs to be more inside the ring than out…

though that video is a bit misleading because the two modules at the bottom that overlap the T5577 disc by quite a lot have noticeably worse performance at the periphery of the field… but 4 could be done without a T5577 in there.



Wow that’s kinda terrible. I didn’t expect that. But thanks for trying it out!

Hmm, I would be tempted to eschew the T5577 if 4 LEDs and a center hole were feasible, but it doesn’t look like it. Just not enough real estate on that guy.

I’ll just go with 2 LEDs and the T5577 then. Without a center hole, I won’t do without a backup chip it the other goes tits up this time :slight_smile: Any chance you can line up the LEDs along the diameter line?

Out of curiosity, with the 4 LEDs inside the larger coil, did you notice any performance drop?

Finally, I’m still debating whether I want to ask you to make it elliptical (41mm major axis, 33mm minor axis) with the LED along the major axis. Aesthetically I do, but I’m concerned that, if for any reason, the chip or some other part of the implant ends up inconveniently placed with regards to one of my fleshy bits, it won’t be able to spin to settle someplace else.

Incidentally, I don’t know if you’ve already sent our the coupons, but I didn’t get anything. If you haven’t, disregard this. I’m just asking so I can place the order.

I think you might be right there. Those components look perilously mounted.

Oh and yeah I forgot, are LF nails a thing? Do you have any? I doubt it, but it don’t kill to ask.

yeah shouldn’t be a problem

not really, but the ACR122U has plenty of power to spare. weaker readers (battery powered) might have more difficulty, but overall performance is still much better than x-series so range shouldn’t be an issue even with weaker readers.

via ticket system :slight_smile:

Oh ok, so if I place the order it should pop up then? I thought you’d email the code.

yep the coupon was sent to you via the ticket system so you should have it in your email. lemme know if you didn’t get it.

Meant to ask about this last night -

So, there will be more campaigns for batches throughout 2021? Am I reading this right?

If that’s the case, I might wait for the second batch, just to see how others are doing with their implants :robot:


Got it. Spent it.

I placed an order for custom work. Either I change my mind along the way and start annoying you again, in which case the annoyance is paid for, or I don’t and you have $20 to have a drink to my good health :slight_smile:

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