The official Titan crowdfunding campaign thread

Sorry if stupid question but considering I have never ordered something I needed to sign for, I feel I should ask:

Can can anyone home at the moment sign and be a-ok or do I need to be there to sign?
Because I kinda just moved back into dorms and am no longer home on a regular basis…

Also super excited yay!

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America? Anyone can usually sign.

If you are worried about it, when they miss signature confirmation, they hold it at the office for a bit before returning it to sender. You just go in to get it then.

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Awesome, thanks!

Amazingly, my USPS tracking number is actually working.
My Titans are sitting in the mailbox. Now I just gotta get home from work.

Wow, mine are still pre delivery (label made but package hasnt been given to usps yet)

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I hope my tracking is off, no change since saturday still saying tomorrow is ETA tho’.

Mine are here and I so badly wanna post pics and stuff!! I’m terrible with that. Happy to report install appointment made for Sunday afternoon European time, I will be titaned by the end of the week!


My Opinion
I think anybody should be able to post anything, but out of courtesy just use a blur spoiler.

People are going to receive their Titans spread out over a “long” period if time.
WHEN is the actual reveal?
I don’t belive there has been any dates/ times suggested.

Who gets to be first?

Who cares?

I dont have one nor am I waiting for one. So I dont get a say… Just my 2cents


You’re in Germany, too, right?
Mine says it’s still some hundred kilometers away from me, at the airport, in customs… since friday. And it still says it will be delivered in the next 2.5 hours :thinking:

I am still a bit afraid that there is a problem with the numbing gel, but I might just be a bit paranoid^^

Me too, 100%.

Mine also says untuil 10PM tomorrow, weird.

Sounds like we’re all itching for a fix ya’know?


Mine came in through Leipzig, zero problems with the gel.

I totally get you!!!
it is far more glorious than I expected!!
(also the flexMN is much more interesting than I thought!)

Just got home from picking my Titan up! (Had delivered at a friend’s address since I am in the middle of moving home).

Gimme a few hours and I’ll post up a video of a Titan install… in a spoiler blur!! :wink:

I absolutely hate German customs. really hoping you won’t get “frisked” :confounded:


How about a “naked Titan” thread. Spoiler warning in the title, and what goes on in the thread stays there.


I was mostly wanting to use Instagram cause that’s how I keep up with my friends/family. Can’t spoiler there, and a few follow me and others follow the DT hashtags so it’d be kinda douchey I guess.

I’ll film my instal on Sunday too


Yeah, mine is in Leipzig currently as well… it’s still saying it should arrive at 10pm today (!), thats 1 hour and 10 minutes from now. DHL sometimes really amazes me, but I doubt they’ll get that done…

Really never had any problems with them until now - most of the time, things just go through, and once I had to pick up a package from canada, and the guys at the office were all totally friendly and all. Oh well, one CD I imported from the US got stuck in customs for 3 full weeks, okay, but other than that I’m fine^^

You’re some crazy guy, you know that, do you? :smile:
Really planning on doing that yourself? I mean, I totally trust you to be able to do that in a more-or-less safe and sane way, but still - just one hand for working on it :wink:

I’m sooooo envious! But I’m happy for you, hope it all goes fine :slight_smile:

The magnet is far more compact than anticipated. so I’ll do an experimental install.

Right now I’m studying the idea of using a 2.2mm Needle to create a perpendicular pocket, coming from behind the nail (upwards from above).

If I am correct, the healing time should be slightly longer but the chance of migration should reduce drastically.

Also this way I can make the pocket in a much safer way in relationship to blood vessels and nerves than any of the traditional methods…

And by cutting “through” the muscle fibre instead of “along” it, I should make my tissue heal with a much tighter grip on the magnet.

Just theories for now… but that’s how we learn, right? :sweat_smile:

Also, the position needed for that is insanely anatomical for single handed install. :grin:

Yeeees!! :heart_eyes:

EDIT: I used the wrong term. fixed. ^^


That raises my hopes on finding a nice spot to put it in :smile:

Sounds like an interesting idea… and a 2.2mm needle is not that bad, I guess :wink:
Take good care of yourself, though (and good footage for us :stuck_out_tongue: )!



waiting impatiently for the video material

No pressure

Good Luck