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If I have a Titan am I Titanic?


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To my huge frustration I just found out my last two 2.2mm cateter needles have their seals broken. :poop:

So… ordering a few new ones and doing it probably tomorrow. :woman_shrugging:

I mean… I could do with a scalpel, but I really want to try this higher gauge approach.

If it works, might make everyone’s lives much easier!
(easier to find piercers able to assist, allegedly more manageable pain, etc…)

(posting just to avoid assumptions)


Going to get mine on Thursday. Just got the proper announcement from DHL itself.
Given permission to deliver without signature so I will actually get it one day, working full time be dumb for shipments :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly can’t get it installed anytime soon though. Will be having to cross over to Germany for that. Not much people here willing to do it, and those aren’t really trustworthy to me either ^^’

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Mine is Thursday as well but I think I might have a potential installer. Super excited.

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Don’t you worry about that - all studios here are in total lockdown currently :expressionless:
If they’re open again, I can totally recommend a great artist who is always willing to install funny stuff :wink:

I’m a bit worried about my own Titan, though… the DHL page says it’s still in Leipzig, and the estimated delivery date… well… “The Estimated Delivery Date is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”
This doesn’t really calm down my paranoia. At all.

Oh really? I’d be up for suggestions if i can actually get there :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t know what distance is okay for you, but take a look at Stigmata Inc. in Cologne, when they’re open again. Arnulf is very skilled and a nice guy as well :wink: Link is in my profile :smile:

I had a thought that if customs were to open up a Titan package to see what’s inside (don’t know if they do this) then the exquisite packaging might very well work to convince them to pass it through. At the very least not putting it in a poorly presented box with a handful of random packing prevents it from having a negative impression.


Now you’ve got me curious if customs can break sterile seals…
I’m guessing probably so, because government does what it wants

But that would be an interesting “damage claim” that it’s now no longer sterile because they decided to remove the titan from its sealed pouch to “inspect” it

got shipping notification… now starts the hunt to find someone to jam this thing into me once the newest massive lockdown is over haha. oy.

Annnd “done”!
I mean… the test approach to implanting, which I wanted to experiment with, is done! :sweat_smile:

Will post more on the spoilers thread!


Yeah, kiiinda a tad too far for me. Coming down from Switzerland and all ^^’

Ah damn! I don’t know good bodymodders in the south of Germany, for I am almost never travelling there… My piercer once recommended Trust in Mannheim to me, that’s about in the middle between Cologne and Switzerland :wink:
But I don’t know them personally, so I can’t really tell if they’re nice and such :wink:

I went around and asked some piercers and the like around here.
One recommended me one that’s about an 1h drive into germany.
They did magnets before and looking at some of their stuff…magnets really are one of the simpler things they do ^.^

I’ll post something about my implanting of the titan on the spoilers thread later. Or make my own thread.

Suffice to say I went through another experimental method, for an experimental placement.

So far, success!!!

Titans deserve no less than being pushed to the limit! :grin:

But seriously, that box is stunning!! :star_struck:


i am really wanting to hear about sensing performance, especially compared to other similar sized magnets… but i know that will actually take some time for healing etc. excited to see titans going in though!


Give me a month to heal and I’ll run a host of tests! :wink:

Just don’t want to do anything before that healing period.

But seriously good job!
That magnet is sure a sight to behold! :star_struck:


I decided to jump back in here since my personal Titan is very close now… Sadly the estimated delivery is scheduled for today (by end of day…) But… since it was three times in customs on different locations, two times shipment on hold (for many hours…), and now it arrived in the delivery facility (Yay!!!) But…it stopped moving again there 3½ hours ago… :sob: don’t think it will be delivered today, hoping for tomorrow :neutral_face:
I’m very curious for the Titan spoiler thread, but I decided that I want to see my own Titan first before jumping over there too.
Meanwhile I’m super happy for all backers who have seen or already implanted their Titans!!!
I’m still not sure about the location for mine… Fingertip is my wish but I’m a little bit afraid of the scalpel work there :grimacing:
At least I have a professional in my family who is doing the install as soon as I’m ready.
Since this will be my first magnet implant, I’m not sure if I can give a feedback on the sensing performance anytime soon. Also I have nothing to compare with…
But I would be very interested in the difference between a Haworth magnet and the Titan (simply out of curiosity, because I nearly got a Haworth short before Corona and my age at this time destroyed my plans…hope there is someone here in the forum who can compare them anytime soon)
But I believe the Titan might be the better choice in the end. :wink:

EDIT: Just checked my tracking again and it says now: with delivery courier… :star_struck: hoping again :sweat_smile: well this thing is giving me some up and down recently :rofl:

And another short edit: Titan arrived!!! I love it so much just by looking at it!!! :heart_eyes: Now I take a closer look at the Titan spoiler thread, also to share my first impressions. :laughing:


Cheering for you!! :star_struck:

Getting stuff stuck in the postal system is always a nightmare!
Gladly it should reach you soon enough!!

We’ll be waiting for your comments on the spoiler thread! :grin:

Let it heal properly before exposing to a microwave and the likes… :wink:

And then I’m sure you’ll be able to comment on it!