The official Titan crowdfunding campaign thread

I just got mine and damn!

Just putting it against my other sensing magnet tells me that it is a little bit stronger. Got a sense52 one from cyberise in me. And a second one i was able to use for direct comparison.
Now i really Wish i could get it implanted right now.

Can’t wait to get to use it to feel some stuff at work!


My Titan showed up, clearly opened and re-taped by customs, which gave me a mild heart attack for a moment… but thankfully the actual internal packaging was still properly sealed and everything!

Now to figure out where I’m going to install this… both physically in my hand, and an installer haha. Probably have a while to wait for the world to get a bit more normal around here… but at least it’s here, and now I can fully obsess about where put it. yay… ? haha oy.


I think the same guy checked our packages! Hah!


Just signed for mine about 40 min ago also.


Customs the world over are turning into the friggin’ Stasi man. 90% of my packages arrive here opened and thoroughly rummaged through. It didn’t use to be that way.

I’m a tad worried now - my Titan didn’t arrive yet, is still at the airport / customs in Leipzig, and now they tell me to call them. I’m not sure what they want, nor what I should tell them… sigh. Now it’s too late anyways, gonna call them tomorrow morning… any ideas?

Sad, no idea. My was opened there, so I assumed everything should be fine.
Maybe just a regular “wtf are implants by dangerous things” karen thing?
I hope it’s gonna be fine :crossed_fingers:


Deep breaths… probably less than what you expect.

Last time they called me from customs it was to say that they needed import fees paid but the parcel company failed epicaly to contact me.

or this:

Anyway, cheering for you!

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I just recently found out what a “karen” is (through this forum^^), I have no need to personally meet one yet… sigh^^

That’s good news, so the numbing gel should be no problem :wink:

Thanks, hope so :wink:

I often Think that Mr. H.P. met a Karen slurping noodle soup one starless night night…

If it’s the numbing gel, just say you don’t actually need it: it’s just part of the kit.
Get them to discard the gel and that’s it. ^^

Although I really doubt that would be issue enough to call someone.

i cant stop watch karen compilations on yt


This is very exciting, My Titan arrived a day earlier than the USPS estimate :slight_smile: time to find an installer. Anyone here know someone in the north/central Texas region that can do the install?


Theres a couple. Pineapple comes highly recommended. I used Ian Bell in Killeen for my next. Both are on the DT partners map.

Pineapple is closer to you, I think.

I just recently found out what a “bikey” was here too. The world is complex, weird and interesting, right?

Not that I was expecting it to be a problem but my place of employment (secure mental health hospital) has a metal detector we have to clear on the way in. I’m happy to report I carried my titan through in my hand today with no trouble. Now I’m on the hunt for someone to help me get it installed. Off to the partner map with me.


Little update - I called DHL this morning (because they have “phone times” on their page) and talked to a nice computer voice. Guess they just turn it off after the phone time? Dunno…
Anyway, the computer just told me to pick up my Titan at the nearest “service point”. Okay. I live in a relatively big city, and the nearest service point is in a village half an hour drive away… and they couldn’t just already send it there and tell me “hey, your package is here, come over and get it”? Sigh…
But since I’m not in a hurry, all is fine :wink:


Yep, I’m in talks with Pineapple to do my magnet now. He did my flexNExT (and will be replacing it with my flexMN) about 6 months back. Can’t recommend him enough.


Glad to hear so!! :grin:

Can you guys get a Group order discount? :sweat_smile:

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Price is directly related to how sharp the scalpel still is…


I have not been home from college yet to open my titan otherwise id test this myself but having said that:

Does anyone know (either by estimation of the numbers or by testing) if the titan is strong enough to wipe a weaker magstripe? my college still uses magnetic stripe cards for our student ids and im wondering if ill end up wiping it every other dia like my name tag magnet did…

Probably not wipe it but mag media will always be affected by external fields so repeatedly exposing the stripe to the Titan (or vice versa whatever) can impact the bit amplitude on the magnetic media to the point it’s no longer “clean”

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