Titan Implantation

I can no longer resist the temptation of a sensing magnet :grin: and plan to install the Titan magnet in my ring finger on my dominant hand but have a couple of questions for those of you who have it implanted in a fingertip. Can you feel it when grabbing something, does It Interfere with your grip and have you had to change any habits or activities because of it? Lastly what is the best way to approach a local business with a request for scalpelwork? is there any literature available that outlines the procedure that I could send to them?

Thank you in advance for your help and responses!

That’s awesome, you get to join the small but growing elite group of “Titaneers”

Failed attempt

It looked much better in my head, and wasn’t worth the time for a simple joke

The same as any other piercing work

if they have to read literature on how to do it, they are probably not your best option, unless you are willing to let them learn by doing on you…(they have to learn sometime right?)

There may be some useful stuff in these

This has been asked a lot, I guess rock climbing would be a great example, here are the search results that should answer that for you…


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Professional Installation Partners List: Professional Installation Partners | Dangerous Things
If nothing near you: guide to approaching a professional

The “failed attempt” looks to emphasize the first 3 letters heavily. :rofl:

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