Titan or Haworths Fingertip Magnet?

I had sent this inquiry to @amal but he encouraged me to post this for discussion. I’m excited to see yalls input. :^)

Recently I have been posting and asking questions about fingertip magnet implants. I had an unsuccessful xG3 v1 fingertip install, which could’ve failed for many of my stupid reasons, but ultimately it comes to not having enough space. I ultimately started to gravitate towards the Titan, but a fellow I talked to mentioned Steve Haworths Fingertip Magnet. This leads me to my next question, what separates the Titan from Haworths Fingertip Magnet? The landscape of implant magnets is still fresh to me, so I’m curious to know which would be better for sensing and what the lifetimes for them are like.

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Well, the titan will accompany you until the end of your life.

The Harworth magnets are encased in silicone, which means that over time, fluids can soak into the silicone and settle between the magnet and the silicone. Additionally, small metal pieces that get “sucked into your skin” can damage the silicone. As a result, these magnets don’t last as long – they will most likely last for decades, but the titan will last longer, at least until you die.

That’s one reason to consider.

I’m not sure about sensing since I don’t have both installed to compare.

I’m not sure which one has the larger magnet size, but the larger one (talking about the magnet, not the encapsulation) will be better for sensing. The silicone could dampen the vibration of the magnet because it acts like a suspension, but I don’t know – just some thoughts. Also, overall mass is a factor because more mass means a stronger magnetic field is needed to accelerate it.

I hope that helps at least a little bit.


Basically what was said above… with one additional bit of information. Silicone is an elastomer, which means it has elastic properties. Over time, simple wear and tear will create a rupture. The Titan can withstand many lifetimes of wear and tear. It’s as simple as that. You could literally hand down your Titan magnet to your lineage as an heirloom.


As a possessor of all of these magnets in my body, the xg3 v2 is my favourite for sensing- even though it’s traditionally not that way for most people. I have a titan in one finger on my left and a v2 in my right on the same finger. I have several v1s and tragus Haworths.

If you can get it pro installed, the xg3 is fantastic.

I think my titan problem comes from my bad install and it has never really locked into place so it’s pretty free flipping in my finger.


As someone who just got a nEXT chip and is very interested in the xG3 do you have a preference for the axial vs diametric form factor? I’m not really sure what I’d use it for, but I’m high on “this is so cool to have in my body” so I’m down for more.

Also are there any concerns with squishing/breaking the magnet? I work with heavy computer equipment sometimes and would hate to have “magnetic” blood lol

What do you want to do, sense or lift?

The xG3 v1 axial = sensing and a little lifting.
The xG3 v2 diametric = lifting.
TiTAN = Best sensing

Some ideas for you


Very unlikely to break if you don’t also break your hand and squishing can be uncomfortable but it depends on the location you choose. As for messing up PC components, no. Unless you do some very delicate data recovery on HDDs where you open them and manipulate the disks directly and even then you would have to have the xG3 in your finger to do any damage.

Neat, thanks guys! I might go with the xG3 as the Titan looks a little more involved in the installation process than I’d be comfortable with. Just to figure out where to install it so I don’t put myself at risk of getting a rough pinch lifting servers haha

Knife edge? I have a xG3 there, never had a problem lifting heavy stuff.

My NExT installer in PA had some magnets so I’ve reached out to get his advice since it was a topic of conversation. Will update somewhere once I get them (who knows when though honestly).