Tools 🛠 to promote or demo biohacking

We all try to show off, or help explain how and why biohackers hack bio
Sometimes in a one on one, sometimes at a con or anywhere in between

(Assuming @amal and the ai @Pilgrimsmaster approve of the concept)

I figured a thread were we can share/show off whatever tools, physical props or demonstrations, outside media, digital assets, even social engineering tactics

Keep chatter to a minimum, keep it succinct, and try to simply share things that work (or things that definitely don’t work) or potential resources


I know I suggested to be succinct, but I am packing everything including the kitchen sink this weekend, so forgive me I have a lot to mention :sweat_smile:

I will plan to edit this post many times, and will be adding picture and other content as it becomes available in the packaging process
(I would break this into multiple posts but forum would limit me)

I’ll be going to CircleCityCon this weekend with @init6

Im planning on being the guy talking to interested but don’t know where to go or start beginners
(Im no expert, but I think I have a solid enough grasp on the beginner FAQs)

Maybe I’m significantly overthinking and planning, feel free to tell me to chill if you think I’m extra… but events and whatnot… I always like to over pack and plan than under and look stupid

I’ve managed to get my hands on a good amount of either failed / broken / unsafe to implant tags

Maybe it’s just my experience or my quirk…but, most people I talk to love being able to hold and look at a thing, rather than it being a picture or some ethereal thing that goes into their body they never actually see

Here’s what I’ve got so far, (I always want more

I’m taking as many types and form factors of tags as I have to help show the difference in what can and can’t be cloned, read range difference between a ISO card, a FOB, a sticker, and a glass tag

I’m also taking a injector assembly, it was used to install something into me, I kept it, cleaned it and soaked it in alcohol for a month or 2, and I recently went back through with a file and removed all the edge and point of it, and have a stand in chinessium tag loaded into it, so that it can be physically demonstrated… but is safe

I also have a flex needle, but it will stay inside it’s travel tube, but as a explanation of how narrow flex’s are more easily installed

I already have a collection of most of the videos I think the public would like from the “show off using your implant thread”
Planning to take an old lcd tv I have lying around and use it to loop play the videos…

Fwiw I have decided to skip the install videos at least on a public display, I don’t think random gore is helpful or considerate for random passerby’s
I might collect a few for people that want to see the gore on a smaller laptop display

I’ll probably post a link to either a single video file or raw mp4s depending what configuration my tv will accept right here —->

I’m planning to take along my recent pistol safe XACv2 project,

I plan to use this a couple different ways…
First it’s something basic I can open and close,
Second, I can use it to demonstrate read range limitations of various chips
Third, I can clone AND enroll and unenroll tags from the XAC to help give a more “physical” teachable example of cloning, vs enrolling
Fourth, I have enough form factors… I can easily clone or enroll a rfid ring to let a non cyborg experience the fun of opening the safe
Fifth, I can even just scotch tape a glass tag to someone’s hand, and let them see what various presentation motions feel like for both the safe and the various readers I’ll be bringing

I will also have an extra XACV2, and a breadboard to show how more or less simple it is to set one up allowing people to retrofit things…
(I am lacking some leds for this currently)

Planning you take a pretty barebones thin and light laptop, that is set up to run a proxmark
I will set it up to login with both my kbr1 reader and my wave id nano

I’m also going to try to make a printer friendly version of some of the most useful DT wikis, and make a physical binder,

OR… I have enough ntag stickers… I could just program various stickers to direct to each wiki and let people use their phones… 50/50 here

I’m planning to take multiple rfid tools to (as much as I can) help determine what type of credential someone is using and if it can be cloned or if they need to go the enroll route…
I will likely even offer to clone on the spot if it’s a simple enough credential
(I’m still learning mifare)
I will have a flipper zero, cellphone, and a proxmark 3 easy with a lf coil mod by @XEMON that works great

I am going to rewrite my Xsiid from my personal contact card (popl), to this dummy account I created a while back
Unfortunately I’ve since lost the password to the burner email account and the popl account itself… but it works as a good example