Trying to convince my parents abot a magnet implant

Sounds like he works in HR. “You need 15 years experience with this new technology before we will hire you…”


Since magnets were discovered in 600 BC i would guess about 2640 years. No, i meant magnet implants not magnets in general.

Magnet implants were first theorized by Steve Haworth in the 1990s. (According to Wikipedia)

If that is true then they could be over 20 years old… I doubt that that will change your dad’s opinion though.

Nah, don’t think so :slight_smile:

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I have one more question and please tell me, when i get annoying: I have been browsing this forum for a bit and have seen things like L0 or similar. I know that they correlate to the placement, but can anyone explain to me the system behind that?

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This is the post you are looking for


Aaahh, perfect! Thank you very much!


No kidding, you’ve logged 10 hours of read time so far.


Yes, a bit. that’s why i have so many questions :smiley:

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Not sure what part of Bayern you are, but I have relatives right in the south …its pretty conservative there, they would flip out if they found about mine - and I live on the other side of the world.

Breaking the problem into smaller parts.
Maybe a wearable is a good way to prove the technology side of things (assuming muggers don’t cut it off and rob you of it) and educate concerned parties, separate of the implanting issue.

I wanted my lip pierced when I was 16. My mother said no.

I pierced it I the bathroom at school with a safety needle, and shoved a hoop through. I was determined to get one.

I came home and my mom said to take it out. I told her she can try to get it out, but I will not. (I’m 6’4" and was a shit head teen)

Long story I kept it.

My point is, if you are determined to get something, you will. With or without our help. I would just say when it gets close to the point of you doing a selfie, please just talk it out. That is a huge risk for someone so young, with little experience.

I also think you will not be able to find someone willing to implant you.

I do hope it all works out for you however. I am just a blunt person.


Let me tell you: I was in NO WAY even thinking about doing it myself, because i have absolutely NO experience in things like that plus i probably couldn’t even do it, because i would be way too scared plus i am an Idiot and would most likely not just fail, but also cut my hand into pieces or something. I know the risk and i am not willing to take that risk, because i know, it won’t take me anywhere and would just result in injury and my parents hating me because i tried it behind their back, so don’t worry!

I live just at the border to Hessen, but my parents didn’t react like if they would flip out, when i mentioned something, so i think it will be fine, if i just wait until i am 18, then tell them, that i will be getting one and then get one plus they’re not religios at all and my father works with electronics and RFID in particular all the time at his job so i won’t get a problem with “Mark of the Beast” or “Government Control”, so that’s nice!


I life in Austria, welcome to the community.
Does your parents use RFID Cards for work? If yes, then say - its the same technology, the implants are only a little but smaller :wink:

I must say I life in the same house as my parents - our lock from the front door was broken - so we changed it to a RFID lock. my parents understand the technology, they use it at golfcourt.
so you can also say:
rfidlocks are safer then keys,
I don’t need a password for my computer - uts mire secure

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
I already went trough all the standard stuff, but i think i will just wait until im 18 because not only will my parents most likely not interveine, but it will also be much easier, to find an installer…
But still: thanks for the advice

Good argument to convince parents. Unfortunately not true though. Electronic locks of any kind suffer from two drawbacks:

  • Quite often the manufacturers think the high-techiness is enough protection, and completely fail to implement basic locksmithing principles - or skimp on quality lock components because the electronics comsume most of the budget - and end up making great looking, but quite poor locks that happen to have electronics. A great example of that is the Salto, Wilko and similar lock cylinders with all the security bits hanging precariously on the outside of the lock, ready to be abused.

  • When the batteries are out, you have a problem. When the electronics go bad, you have a problem. That never happens with keys.

Having said that, I love RFID locks :slight_smile:

I just realised, how terrifying emojis look, if you are using a darkmode browser xD

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What about blinkies?

And the unicorns ?


Not really, the emojis just have white, soulless eyes, the others look relatively normal

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