UK laws on chip implants

I first saw chip implants when I was 14 and thought it was really cool and I did little research and wanted a chip. I decided as I was so young and wouldn’t have much use for it, I would wait until I was 16 years old. I turned 16 mid way through this year and I couple weeks ago it popped into my head about an implant. After some research and a few back to back emails with Amal from dangerous things, I decided I wanted to get the NeXT implant, I went to the doctors today and spoke to my gp about it and whether she knew anything on it and whether a doctor would do it later this year. She didn’t know anything about the chip and after a conversation on it’s uses and basic information about a chip she told me it would be down to a case of whether it is legal and licensed to get an rfid/nfc chip in the UK. I’m struggling finding anything on the laws whether I can have it done or not so if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated, my parents are ok with it and being 16 I meet a large range of laws in the uk such as legal age to have sex and drink alcohol in pubs and restaurants with a meal.

ok so im from the uk and here’s some things you need to know:

  • it follows very similar to underage piercings, tattoos and marriage parental consent is needed for a professional to install it.
  • avoid telling folk at school about it as teachers are required by law to report these things as child endangerment.
  • a GP wouldn’t put one in for you, its not in their job description, you need a piercer/body modification specialist
  • if you cant get parental consent don’t do it. wait until you’re 18 and free of any restrictions.
  • chips are neither legal or illegal it depends on what you use them for. if you use them to break laws you’re gonna get in trouble but if you use them for your own personal use you will be fine.

edit to note: i got all of my implants done by myself at the age of 17. my parents know roughly but school officials do not.


Thanks for such a quick response, I have complete parental consent, I was going to ring up my doctor as a first resort and then my local piercing studios and ask for any with body mod experience. Is there any evidence on it being “allowed” that I could use and take in to the place?

My friends know nothing of it neither do my teachers it’s only my parents

its not super well heard of still so it may more or less be down to piercers discretion and whether or not you have parental consent to do so, some/many piercers wont do them because theyve never done them before and dont know where to start, ill edit this comment in a second with a link to a post about information for piercers.

heres the link for this

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The answer is: it’s complicated.
Bodymod in the UK is a messy industry.
Just take the case od Dr. Evil from Wolverhampton, who got jailed for 3 years - mind you, his mods were a bit more extreme (removing ears, nipples, splitting tongues). Consent doesn’t matter.
For example subdermals seem to be completely unregulated Edit: and chips would probably fall in this category.
If I were you, I would look at KSEC’s partner map and contact on of their official installers.


heres the link for ksec (theyre a UK distributor of dangerous things :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’ve had a read of it and are those pages available or would I have to type them out from the photo. After speaking to Amal he recommended I get the NeXT as I would like to use my chip for my id into college, open my phone maybe, set my chip with a link to my details, phone number, Snapchat and in the future possibly payment

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it is NOT RECOMMENDED do not take this as good advice its merely a suggestion

if your parents are able to do the procedure and not afraid of a small bit of gore, they could do the install for you, have an evening where you sit down together and research the self install procedures and what it takes to do them, keep in mind the intense amount of sterilisation each person needs to do to make it as clean as possible

(also if you hop over to the discord we could chat much more easily lol)

edit to change competent to able to do procedure

My parents are fine with it but they wouldn’t do it themselves I’d never want them doing it anyway I’d definitely want a professional and that’s be great drop the link and I’ll install discord again


good and smart thinking. professional is always best

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I’ve been looking for somewhere that sells in the uk and I looked at the NeXT chip on their website and I saw the option for professional install, one of the piercing studios is 10 mins away from our holiday home, They have pricing for it and it equates to the same as what I’d pay for shipping in the us

I’ve joined now

Just to summarize, in the UK it is incredibly unlikely you will find an installer that will do an implant on a minor (under 18). Technically your parents could install it or you could but if the school found out it could defiantly raise some safe guarding issues again because your a minor. No doctor in the UK can legally implant it as it is not a surgical / medically approved device (they would loose there licence).

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Seconding @Devilclarke:

With recent bodymod cases there’s a lot of…caution…within the industry. I was 32 when I got my implants at the start of this year and the installer asked me not to tag myself at the studio or take any photos/video of the install.

I think it could be a challenge, even with parental consent, to get a professional who doesn’t know you personally to do the install. Don’t want to shoot you down, and absolutely reach out and ask, but don’t want you to be disappointed if they tell you to wait until you’re 18