UV tattoos and borging up

Yes, but only when “attacking” them with UV light.

But that’s kinda what I expected - my silicone implants are visible at day as “normal” silicone implants, so they have that nice three-dimensional effect, and they glow subtly at night or in very dark rooms.

For the tattoos, I aim for something similar - a discreet glow at night, and maybe, if I’m really lucky, the pigments will look similar to white ink at day. But if they are fully invisible at day, I’m fine with that, too :wink:


Hmm… I just had an idea on what could make this pigment work better for tattooing. Adding some shear thinning agent might help keep the pigment suspended. It would be more like tattoo gel until the tattoo gun picks it up. i’m not sure about it though. hyaluronic acid might work for thickening but i’m really not sure. would need more tests