VivoKey Apex update

I guess that depends on where you measure it. I was thinking between the middle of the palm and the middle of the metacarpals. It’s true that measured around the base of the thumb, mine’s closer to 2".

Still, 3 to 5 inches? That doesn’t sound human at all. You’d have to be phenomenally overweight to get hands that bulky. I was intrigued enough by your statement that I went look for images of fat people’s hands: I can’t imagine any of the ones I’m seeing ever being that thick.

Yep mine is at least 1.5 to 2 inches.

That is around the base of my thumb. 3 easy.

Or just combine it with other health issues. Could be fluffy to begin with, and start retaining water and getting edema. That is really what I am referring to.
Usually the skin tears, and it’s not fun.

Fat also can store itself in odd ways.

I’m just saying. Some people may have a brick as a hand.

This has been an entertaining conversation. To clarify I meant 5cm as just a comfortable distance to read the chip through air.

We are amab and our palms are about 3cm thick, in case that helps. We don’t use imperial in Australia
~ Jamie


No expectation yet for range of the mega, but it can’t possibly be as good as the bullseye tag used in the flexNExT. The ntag216 is a lower power chip with a bigger antenna. Still, the goal is to be extremely convenient to read compared to the Flex, particularly with orientation (being a circle over a long narrow track shape).


Fixed that for ya.


Flesh does attenuate some of the signal from a reader, but not really a measurable amount. Bones a bit more because of their mineral content, but still not much.

The Apex Mega will have much better range just by virtue of its shape, but it won’t approach the performance of the flexNExT. Based on my testing it may be possible to read it through the hand with a good reader, depending on your hand thickness. We’ll see how the LEDs impact that though when I get them to light concurrently.


@amal Any update yet ?

I can tell you without leaking too much DT Club info: seems everything’s going according to plan :slight_smile:


This is what he means




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Couple is roughly 2, this post was 27 days ago. Does that mean that we are already over a week into full production of apex?


If you join the club you will find out up to the minute information.

(Now I just need discourse to fix the bug that shows me as being subscribed so I can’t subscribe, but have no active subscriptions…)




I think I just realized something…

The apex can emulate a ntag… so does this mean you can change the uid like a magic ntag?

Nah, NXP went out of their way to nip that in the bud. The MIFARE Classic and DESFire applets (which are not even loaded into the ROM mask of the Apex because they’re phat) do not have changeable IDs. Their UIDs are derived from the P71s normal UID

Balls, I thought I found something I needed from the apex… I’m struggling to find use cases to justify it

That’s why blinkies are so important :slight_smile:


Obviously, not all of these are available on launch, but I can happily live with an implant that is “fitted for but not with” and again, once it’s out, there are some clever little fuckers that I’m sure will be sharing their own applets…

like this

Don’t forget to vote if you haven’t already…who knows, maybe it will go some way towards influencing what is next up for development :man_shrugging:

I’m ready for the APEX.


Problem is I’m not sure I’m clever enough to make half of them work :sweat_smile:


You and me both. We will need an “implants for dummies” guide just to install the damn things. We are not tinkerers or makers. We just need to not be forgetting our house keys or wallet.

~ Jamie