VivoKey Apex update

you mean apart from secure cyborg logins?

It’s really simple actually. Setting up 2FA is really easy, same for other applets I assume.

Like legit: choose applet, click install, hold phone over Apex, done.
From there it’s extremely well documented as many ppl use yubikeys for example.

I’m 1000% sure after a couple weeks we’ll have good docs for everything you need to know.


Are there any update regarding shipping of the pre orders @amal ?

I’m waiting to analyze more walletmor failures before shipping out any Apex Flex.


Got it. Any timeline?



Sounds interesting. May we know which failures appeared?
Sealing, soldering, others….?

This is part of the problem… We have only received one device back for analysis and it looks like an installation issue… I think it was damaged due to being forced into a tight spot on the knife edge of the hand and it buckled, cracking the chip. We are putting out an official request to those who reported failures to return those units to us for analysis.


It’s a potential concentrated stress point… Especially when you consider opening and closing your hand, blood supply in region and chances of impact.

In the crease just behind knuckles of pinky and Ring finger seems to be a good spot… Or in webbing between thumb and forefinger… At least by my reckoning

My theoretical opinion anyway…

But keep up the great work

Much love to you all :heart::heart::+1:


I’ve been thinking about getting an implant for a long time.
After a conversation with a friend at my local hackerspace, I discovered the Apex.
This is it. I need this so much. Custom code? PGP? Fuck yeah.
You’re awesome, Amal.

Sorry if I’m asking dumb questions, but is the Apex Flex backorder something I (a nobody) can purchase? I’m aware it won’t be shipped until it’s ready.
If I buy it from the store now, do I get charged once it ships or now?

Can’t wait to conquer my fear of needles and doctors for this.


You should join the DT Club, there is more detailed updates on there, and sometimes pre-order opportunities :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Cool; Done, thanks.

@amal do I get a cut for referring :joy:


I was going to suggest the exact same thing.

It would probably be WORTH your while to join…


Is the size fixed or provisional and may be changed?

It will be about that size (±2mm). It’s just the next step up size wise to improve performance. Are you interested in a smaller or larger version?

I would be more interested in a smaller version like flexEM with 20-22mm.

edit: maybe you could start a poll

Hey, don’t throw him off please :joy: Satur9 worked so long on a 25mm version, no changes now so close before the finish line!


i said nothing :zipper_mouth_face:



Give it a try, if you get stuck, just ask.

Also I’m guessing Performance is a more important consideration than size for Satur9 and Amal.

I’m not if sure Amal would be too keen managing a number of form factors:
With Blinky
Without Blinky
Larger better performance with Blinky
Smaller lesser Performance with blinky
Larger better performance without Blinky
Smaller lesser Performance without blinky

Ontop of that, the OTHER Apex form factors.
Again just my thoughts, but sounds messy to me

We can always go back to buying premade antennas and converting them, surely for some extra $$$ Amal would do that (if we provide the antennas)