VivoKey Apex update

They are roughly the same shape and size right?

If the payment conversion was flex shaped then i would think they would be close enough

At a guess, your conversion PROBABLY looked like this

~ 8mm × 38mm

and the APEX Flex looks like this

~ 7.5 x 28

So, yes, your plan to swap out your conversion for the APEX Flex should be
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Yeah buddy, me too (mine expired), It was a great experience.

I still 100% reccomend the payment conversion to everyone, regardless of the expiry date that puts many people off, all I would say is, just look at how many transactions you make with your credit card and you will realise how frequent you will use it and how awesome it really is.

Everytime you use it…Soooo Satisfying



IIRC implanting flexies in the blade of the hand is not recommended as it could lead to premature failures:

Cash is still very common in the third world, or at least in my region… Sure, credit and debit cards are rather common around here but I’m somewhat old fashioned, this is why I’d rather wait for Amal to convince Mastercard to support the Apex. After all, I wouldn’t use a payment conversion often enough to justify cutting my skin. But having the option as an additional feature in a chip that I’m bound to end up using every day would be nice. And if it never gets supported it doesn’t matter.

Should have mine tomorrow if USPS doesn’t delay it even more. Then should be implanted later the same day.


Heeeeeey, don’t out me like that :rofl:

I have been waiting long before I had a profile page here :blush:


Mine arrived this morning! :partying_face:


Congratulations man. How long have you been waiting?

Looks like your install froze

I hate when that happens


Why are you removing it?


Side note:

I really like the extra detail… even though nobody will likely ever see it again



is… is this the first?


Whats the read range like when installed? Also, what phone do you have?

1/4 inch = 6.35 mm for the Euros in here.
I had to look it up. :joy:

That’s decent, would read through a thin-ish jumper or t-shirt.


Waking up, it was nice to see freedom units. Trying to convert millimeters would’ve made my brain hurt til I got some coffee :rofl:


I’d love to use an implant for bitlocker pre-boot authentication. Have to look into the certificate requirements and the possibility for getting an app on the Apex for this purpose.


That’s what i was planning to do, but after some research, there seems to be no standard interface to do NFC-based pre-boot authentication.

You can use a smart card as long as it has the required certificate, contactless smart cards should also work. My biggest question right now is whether or not the Tesla key card feature will be compatible with bitlocker? I have to read into it…

F yeah :triumph:

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I have looked into this before with bitlocker when i wanted to use a Yubikey as PIV smartcard for my laptop. It seems the only way of unlocking in the pre-boot env is with TPM,PIN or USB drive with the key files (or a combination). Where did you find the documentation about using smart cards?

According to microsoft’s documentation its still not an option Using BitLocker with other programs FAQ (Windows 10) - Windows security | Microsoft Docs

You can use any smart card for removable drives however

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